Top Surprising Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

Top Surprising Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

It’s no secret that berries are good for our health. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberrie they are all power packed with antioxidants and fiber. However, there’s one often-overlooked berry that gives various health benefits of Cranberry juice. Cranberry’s shrub is small, has dark green leaves, pink flowers, and is dark red in colour that are egg-shaped. With a flavor that many describe as both bitter and sour. It grown on 58,000 acres of farmland across the northern United States, Chile, and Canada. Many people consider cranberries to be a superfood as they are power packed with antioxidants, fiber. People consume them in the form of a sauce or a juice. They can also add them to stuffing, casseroles, or dessert. In this article, I will share benefits of cranberry juice. Let’s have a look on benefits of cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice gives a bunch of other health benefits. Perfect as a snack or a main dish, cranberries are a low-key nutrient powerhouse. With just 50 calories and 4 grams of sugar per cup. These berries are low in calories and sugar, especially in comparison to other fruits. People call cranberries a superfood for a very good reason as they have all kinds of health-boosting benefits.

Top Health Benefits of Cranberries Juice

1. Prevention Of Stomach Cancer And Ulcers

Stomach cancer is the common cause of cancer which related tothe death worldwide. Cranberries contain unique plant compounds known as A-type proanthocyanidins. Which cut the risk of stomach cancer by preventing H.pylori from attaching to the lining of your stomach.

According to the study, revealed that compounds present in cranberries can effects the cancer cells in test tubes.

These included:

  • triggering the death of cancer cells
  • slowing the growth of cancer cells
  • reducing inflammation

2. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Cranberry has antibacterial properties which helps in preventing urinary tract infections (UTI). A study has shown that people who drank cranberry juice for days has reported to prevented from the infection.

The authors concluded that cranberry juice is beneficial against the growth of bacterial which may lead to UT.

3. Fighting Age-related Damage

Some chemicals which gets accumulated in the body as people age and those chemicals are free radicals.

Chemicals present in cranberry juice helps them in fighting from the free radicals. It helps in fighting age related problems or issues.

4. Benefits Of Cranberry For Gum Disease

A study has shown that cranberry helps in preventing gum disease. It prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth. It aslo helps in preventing the cavities and gum disease.

5. Benefits Of Cranberry Juice For Immune System

When you know that you are going to catch some cold, you need to boost your immune system with cranberries.

Cranberries contains essential nutrient as well. One cup of cranberries contains 22% vitamin C. Vitamin C can help to fight agints the bateria which make your immune sytem week. So if you are feeling under the weather, then eat cranberries and help your body to fight back.

6. Supporting Post-menopausal Health

Problems or issues related to heart starts when a lady is hit by menopause as compared to other ladies.

7. Benefits Of Cranberry For Digestion

Fiber plays an important role in overall health of the person. Cranberry is agreat sorce of fiber. One cup of cranberry containe about 5.3 grams of fiber. Fiber is important for a healthy digestive system and to maintain regular bowel movements. It also, keeps you fuller longer, which means you’re less likely to reach for a not-so-healthy snack.


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