Top Ten 2019 Chinese Take-out Boxes Designs for Innovations

Top Ten 2019 Chinese Take-out Boxes Designs for Innovations

2018 is almost over. It is already time to plan for 2019 for major businesses. If you are a Chinese food business, one of the major concerns along with making your foods delicious is about packaging boxes. For takeaways and restaurants, Chinese Takeout Boxes will always play a major role as to how customers perceive their brand. To provide comfortable functionality with beautiful food presentation should always be the top priority.

Custom Chinese Take Out Boxes are usually made from cardboard with some having hybrid materials in their construction. Some of the major concerns from large or Small Chinese Takeout Boxes should always be:

  • The boxes should be able to keep food warm for long
  • Easy food packaging with correct sized portions should be provided
  • Mini Chinese Take Out Boxes should be available for smaller portions
  • These boxes should offer brand logo advertisement with printing
  • Functional customizations like gable handles should be provided

How innovative your Chinese food boxes will be in 2019 will make your business gain the required success. Here are some of the most innovative Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes designs you can follow this coming year:

1: Chinese Text Printed Boxes

Chinese designs vary from most other parts of the world. Where other traditions and histories might involve famous image designs or fancy colorful finishes, simple texts are always more evident in Chinese traditions. From ancient scrolls to historical Chinese architecture, texts are usually most visible. One great innovative packaging idea for Chinese foods in 2019 is to use simple text printed boxes. These will be minimal but very attractive. For the text, you can also use fancy metallic foil stamping or embossing as well.

2: Silver or Gold Foil Chinese Takeout Boxes

Putting the focus back on gold/silver foil food boxes, other designs can also be printed with this beautiful printing finish option. You can also get your business logos, names and any other fancy designs printed in silver or gold foil stamping on your boxes. This will make your boxes more attractive and appreciated by customers. When you have a solid color behind the back and also fancy foil stamping on top of it, the created contrast always looks great.

3: Gable Style Custom Chinese Take Out Boxes

Although gable Custom Chinese Take Out Boxes might not be entirely new but for 2019, are still great options indeed. These delicious foods come in small and separate portions. By getting separate gable boxes for them, you can make these very easy to take home for your customers. With fancy designs and some of the most precise cutting and processing equipment today, you can get that fancy gable handles for your boxes. These will make it easy for customers to takeaway packaged foods and also consume them on the go as takeout food is meant to be.

4: An All In One Box with Separate Compartments

Chinese food comes in portions. Most recipes have a dry portion of rice, noodles or other similar ones with liquid runny gravy that must be stored separately until consumed. One of the best implementations of high-quality Small Chinese Takeout Boxes is to have one large box that has separated inner sections. You can also get more than one mini boxes but one box will always be easier to carry and present to customers. This box will have smaller sized portions or compartments in it keeping packaged food portions separated from each other for until required.

5: Minimal Chinese Food Boxes

Chinese designs are always about their minimalism. Usually, one block color is used along with a few traditional text prints or a minimal design print. This same pattern can be followed into Chinese food packaging boxes as well. With minimal food boxes, you will make a stronger statement about your foods. Make sure to get all the other goodies including food temperature maintaining inner foil and suitable material quality. Minimalism has always been the Chinese way; your food boxes should embrace it proudly in an innovative way.

6: Chinese Zodiac Takeout Boxes

When talking about innovative design ideas, one that particularly comes to mind is the fancy Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is comprised of animal names and images. You have a year of the snake, year of the elephant and similar ones for each year. This provides a great packaging idea as you can always have a packaging box that displays the exact name of the year as well. Zodiac printing can be had on the front side of the box or any other side to keep designs symmetrical.

7: Specifically Chinese Color Choices

There are some specific colors attached to any part of the world. China is pretty much the same as well. With red being the major color in their flag, the gold stars represent a class of people. This Red and Gold combination has always been associated with Chinese traditions and representations. Your innovative food packaging for 2019 can adopt these colors to make your foods look and feel more customary.

8: Bowl Shaped Box for Chinese Noodles

When people get takeout food to go, usually the major concern is to consume the food on the go as well. Getting the food and then consuming it in home available bowls, plates or other cutlery is not an option. Why not provide your customers with an innovative bowl-shaped box for Chinese noodles or other non-gravy dry foods. This box is easy to design and beautiful to present. It will have an all side food preserving design but will be shaped like a bowl in its bottom.

9: Fancy Traditional Chinese Shapes for Food Boxes

Additional to a bowl, traditional food plates and containers in China look slightly different than any other parts of the world. When you prefer to provide Chinese Takeout Boxes that can be eaten from directly, fancy shapes that are ever so traditional can be the best idea. Do you own research and design some of the most innovative traditional designs for your boxes.

10: Koi Fish Printed Chinese Food Boxes

Koi fish has always been associated with Chinese culture. Custom Chinese Take Out Boxes printed with Koi fish designs will make the whole presentation more traditional. Whether you have Small Chinese Takeout Boxes or large ones, Koi fish printed designs will make them all look great. Have high definition printing for these beautiful designs to make them look great. A realistic 3D print for such image designs is a great innovative option as well.

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