Types & Benefits of Baby Massage at Home

Types & Benefits of Baby Massage at Home

A baby massage plays a crucial role in the overall development of the baby. Once the baby turns a few weeks old, it is a correct time to introduce massage in his daily routine. While giving a baby massage, your baby should be calm and alert, and if during the massage, he starts crying, then that might be a hint to you that you aren’t massaging him correctly. It will take you some time, but gradually you will get hold to it. Here we have listed some benefits of baby massage with different types of massage that you can give your baby on a regular basis.

Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Improve Parents and Babies Bond

Massage helps to create a bond between parents and newborn. While massaging parents spend quality time with their baby, singing lullabies for them and talking with them in the most kiddish language. This little interaction on a daily basis helps the parents to bond with their babies well.

  • Enables you to Become a Confident Mother

Handling a baby is not an easy task, and no mother is learned. While giving a massage to the mother, a mother gets to know how to handle a baby and without hurting him or her. It will further boost your inner confidence and help you to understand your baby and his needs better.

  • Health Benefits of Baby Massage

There are many health benefits of baby massage as well. It helps to cure many health problems like stomach ache, relief from the colon, improves blood circulation, and G.I circulation. Not only this it helps to get assistance from trapped wind and gastric problems which are shared amongst babies.

  • Helps the Baby to Fall Sleep

A baby massage has a calming effect on the baby’s nervous system. It also makes the baby sleep. During a baby massage, a body gets tired since the massage required too much movement; this further inculcates a sound sleep. This is the reason why babies sleep after the massage. Also, it raises the feel-good hormones in both-parent and baby-, making your baby calm and relaxed.

  • Nourishes Baby Skin

A regular baby massage nourishes the baby’s skin. Moreover, it helps to get rid of the baby hair and make the skin soft. It also has a good impact on the nervous system of the baby

Types of Massages

  • Leg Massage

A regular leg massage strengthens the bones and increases the movement. It also helps the baby walking. A for a perfect all you have to do is, take some baby oil in your hands and massage you babies legs in the downward motion. Make sure you move his legs and repeat the same with another leg.  You can use any oil like almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or baby oil. Online baby platforms like FirstCry have a wide range of baby products and oils. You can choose the best for your newborn and do not forget to use the FirstCry coupon codes to save your money.

  • Belly Massage

A belly massage is ideal for removing baby hair around the stomach. It also cured colic and gastric problem. Pour a spoon of baby oil in your palms and start massaging the oil around his naval. The motion of the massage should be clockwise. Do not put pressure on the naval. Do this with light hands and use your fingers gently over the tummy and repeat this for 15-20 minutes.

  • Arm Massage

Like leg massage, arm massage helps to make the bones strong. It imparts strengths to the hands and helps your baby learn how to move the hands. For a quick arm massage, all you need to do is, with the help of the baby oil, begin the massage from the shoulder and gradually move your hands towards the wrist and back forth. Repeat the same for other sides. Do this daily for 10-15 minutes.

  • Neck Massage

A neck massage is ideal for treating neck pain. It also improves the baby’s posture, making his neck flexible and eliminates stress. For a neck, massage holds your baby’s head, and the upper body with a single hand then place the thumb of your hand on one side of his neck and two fingers on the opposite side. With the help of your fingertips, rub the neck of the baby gently in the circular motion. The neck is the most sensitive body part of the body makes sure you hold it with utmost care.

  • Massage for Colic-Relief

Colic is characterized as an abdominal pain during the infancy. The problem is quite common among newborn. The best way to treat colic is a massage. Begin with a belly massage. Then gradually bend his legs to his stomach and hold it for a few seconds and then gently release it. Do this several times regularly once or twice in a day.


Regular baby massage makes your infant’s bones strong and inculcates a sound sleep. Moreover, it also strengthens your relationship with your baby. There are different types of baby massage, and each has its own benefits. In this blog, we have cored advantages of baby massages and various types of baby massage.

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