Uncover 12 men's secrets

Uncover 12 men's secrets

No matter how often you discuss men, there must be men's secrets that are not revealed and curious behavior. Here are 12 male secrets you need to know to better understand him. 1. Men do like beautiful women, but they prefer women who are pleasing to the eye and charming. Especially if it is naturally beautiful, and does not depend on makeup. The important thing is you should be able to maintain the appearance so that it remains pleasing to the eye, for example diligently cleaning and caring for the face so as not to be dull and oily. Do not be surprised if he asks you to dress up, not because he does not like you for who you are, but there is nothing wrong to look charming in front of him. 2. Heterosexual men are usually ashamed to admit that he cared about other men, even their style of dress. But actually they know that their friend's body has become heavier, or his colleague's watch is the same as his. It's just never show or admit that he has problems with some of these things. 3. Even if every man has different tastes and desires, there are seven things that are usually successful in making them feel good. Namely money, food, drinks, sex, cool vehicles, adequate sleep portions, and understanding couples. 4. Who says only women who like gossip, men like it. If you openly by reading tabloids or magazines, men prefer when looking for it via the internet. The news they were looking for also varied, ranging from favorite singer gossip, sexy celebrity scandals, to those related to sports. 5. Just like women, men are also happy when praised. Especially if praised in front of a partner and those closest to him, it can increase his self-esteem. Praise often to melt his heart? Why not. The important thing is to show that you are sincere in praise, because they are also good at judging whether you are sincere or when you want to. Well, on the contrary men are the most annoyed when criticized in public. 6. Men want to be assumed that they know everything about sex, even though maybe in reality they only knowingly. They believe that confidence is their performance capital. 7. Indifferent but love. Although he seems ignorant because he is busy all day with work or playing with his friends, believe me, what men think before going to sleep is the woman he loves. 8. Like glancing at beautiful women in the mall? Don't get angry quickly because of it. As a human, it's normal if he likes the "beautiful". So it is with us, aren't women also good at catching the signal of handsome guys passing by? Take it easy, as long as only a glance will not reduce his love for you. Another thing if he is willing to ignore you for the sake of looking at other women, well this needs to be vigilant. 9. Men want to be with women who can make them feel manly. They are also proud if you depend on it. This is part of his pride as a strong and reliable man. It's okay to ask for help from time to time to bring your luggage or pick up when you are working overtime. But that does not mean you ask him to bring a beautiful bag when around the mall. 10. If men can be honest, they will hope that women will not experience PMS. Never mind men, sometimes we are also emotional with this one mood change. For a moment we can be invited to laugh out loud, for a moment we can immediately get emotional just because he took too long to answer the phone. 11. Don't be surprised if he looks absorbed in reading your latest magazine. The favorite is usually a question and answer rubric and tips on sex and relationships. Yes, the mindset and problems experienced by women always make men curious. 12. Whatever a man is to his lover, he will assume his mother's words are truer. Don't rush in annoyance or jealousy. You can work around this and make this strength: compact with the girlfriend's mother. That way you can be closer to prospective in-laws, and are both considered number one by him. Disagree with him, it's not impossible that you will be defended by his mother.

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