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Unlimited hosting: know before choosing your host

What is unlimited hosting?

In general, we talk about unlimited hosting (or cloud service provider in Bangladesh ) when the host does not limit the disk space associated with your hosting. Indeed, disk space is an essential characteristic of your hosting: it is the amount of data that you can store there.
"Classic" web hosting limits this space, generally to 10, 20, 50 or even 100 GB. This is known as a disk quota. Beyond this quota, the host will block the sending of any additional files. As a customer, you are therefore obliged either to reduce your consumption of disk space or to move to a higher formula.

Unlimited accommodation?

I prefer to be clear right away: no. Unless you think there are hard drives of unlimited capacity, you will agree with me that it is not possible to make such a promise taken literally. 
So how does it work? Are unlimited hosts liars? Answer in a few points:
•    The unlimited nature of accommodation is generally associated with a concept of " fair use ", that is to say, reasonable use. A systematic condition which will be imposed by all hosts concerns the use of disk space: it should only be used to host the files that make up your site. Exit therefore personal storage type backup of your PC, storage of your favourite movies, etc. 
•    Often, without you knowing it, your unlimited hosting still has an arbitrarily high quota. This acts as a safeguard. If the quota is reached, you will have to contact the host to increase it, and some hosts will take advantage of this to ask you to justify it and check that the use remains reasonable. It is therefore not unlimited hosting, but rather a variable quota hosting.
•    Some hosts do not limit the disk space but on the other hand limit the number of files. Too many files could adversely affect server performance. But it is also a way to reduce the likelihood that a user will consume excess disk space. Two birds with one stone!
•    Shared hosting remains by definition suitable for small sites. Larger sites are unlikely to consume too much disk space, as other limiting factors like lack of CPU power or memory will block them. The hosts know this and therefore play it commercially.
In reality, the host does not take many risks to offer unlimited hosting. This is the reason why this type of offer has spread rapidly at a cost which remains very economical.

Do I need unlimited hosting?

In the vast majority of cases, it is not at all necessary to purchase unlimited accommodation. Today, disk space is no longer a problem at all. Technological progress in terms of storage has enabled hosts to offer largely oversized disk spaces, most of which sites will not even use 10% of the capacity.
Disk space could have been a criterion of choice 10 or 15 years ago, but nowadays it is not at all what makes the difference from one host to another. Other criteria are much more decisive to take into account when choosing a host: functionality, quality of service and performance, customer support, quality of the administration interface, etc.
If the host you choose for all these good reasons offers unlimited space then all the better, but otherwise it is not the most important for your website. 
If however you specifically wanted to choose an unlimited dedicated server in Bangladesh, I recommend that you carefully review the online documentation and especially the general conditions of sale to find out under what conditions this service is guaranteed. 



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