Using Immersive Simulations to Talk About Environmental Issues: AR and VR Technology

Using Immersive Simulations to Talk About Environmental Issues: AR and VR Technology

Virtual and augmented reality have been making headlines due to massive breakthroughs in immersive technology. There are currently numerous new approaches regarding the application and further development of this innovation, ranging from the education sector to finance and corporate investments. One of the most unexpected uses of this immersive tech is its application to environmental activism.

Immersive simulations can be used to produce life like environments that either actually exist or are completely fictitious. The evolution of the way this is presented to the world has shifted from a science fiction dream to more pressing matters. The new expressive model of presentation is being used in 2019 to highlight how much the environment has suffered at our hands and why this needs to stop.

Why Care About the Environment?

The impact of human hands destroying forests and natural vegetation has been absolutely catastrophic. For our future generations to lead full, well-rounded lives we must give them a functioning planet. Due to our lack of care for the Earth and its resources, there are rampant kinds of pollutants, toxins and other contaminants that will render the planet inhabitable in just a few years. Despite forewarnings from scientists and environmentalists, our statesmen and lawmakers have done little to preserve what is left of the forests and other plantations. And we are quickly running out of time before this becomes irreparable.


AR and VR Can Help Our Environment

Commentators have stated that social researchers and the general public do not see eye to eye when it comes to the environment and its issues.  To reach a level of understanding with the average person, they have to be taught about environmental depletion. Immersive technology can create a variety of situations that will make basic comprehension easier. Using AR and VR design studio devices will make it possible to create control simulations which the concerned individual can employ to understand what the inside of a volcano looks like or how the rainforests look during the night. This level of awareness was not previously possible using traditional methods, nor were people excited to read pamphlets and brochures. With this advanced communication device and its accessibility, we can do our utmost to help the Earth.

Conserve the Environment through VR

We can see that VR has made changes in the gaming industry as of 2016 with the introduction of a video game that showcased the side effects of ocean acidification. This was vital to the discussion about marine life and how pollution has destroyed its integrity. This led to an actual project in collaboration with Stanford where a virtual reef simulation was created that let users interact with the depleted environment. This overcame the obstacle of detachment from what we do not witness firsthand. It was one of the first steps for large scale attempts to be made to promote action for this cause.


Immersive Virtual Environment Technology (IVET)

The new means through which we can help the environment is called IVET. It is an advanced system that can be used to create a simulation. This virtual environment will be completely fake in nature but the user will perceive it as real. The perception will allow them to be in the actual location in real time. They will be able to interact with their surroundings and see something close up that is thousands of miles away without having to fly there. Besides feeling like they are actually present at the scene they see, they will also understand the gravity of the situation better. This will eliminate the internal borders that come with viewing it on a screen.


Conserve the Environment through AR

The pull of AR is the way it can transform mindsets through a basic device, like a smartphone. The effect is concerned with garnering enough attention to make sure an audience gathers. Once there is a crowd, people are bound to listen. Apple and Google have marketed on this heavily and now, environmentalists can do the same. The real world seen through your phone will be the same as any simulated version you are shown. Comprehension is thus, too easy.

Immersive AR Technology

The idea behind comprehension and rallying to protect and conserve our rainforests and wildlife is concerned mostly with closing a geographical gap. The mass destruction no longer seems unfathomable if you can be transported there with the help of a video on your device. You can witness the shrinking of rainforests, the extinction of species, the melting of the largest glaciers, all in the comfort of your own home. Once you can see these changes take place, it is easier to understand their devastating aftereffects.

It does not have to be a negative experience entirely. Users will have a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat, the rains through a jungle, snowcaps and undersea life, all far off notions that keep a certain part of the world at bay.

 You can observe these different simulations now at six sigma studios and take a small step towards helping the Earth.

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