Vapen is another word for fumes, electronic smoking, and e-smoking.

This is through an electronic cigarette, which again uses e-liquid.


What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also called e-cigarette or e hookah, maybe a device that’s intended as an alternative to analog smoking. In short, an e-cigarette consists of A battery and a cartomizer.


The battery of an e-cigarette

The battery ensures that the electronics within the e-cigarette are furnished with power. An e-cigarette can use an indoor battery, but e-cigarettes also are provided with only A battery housing (also referred to as box mod). It’s then still necessary to use an external (18650 or 21700) battery that you place within the battery housing.


The clearomizer of an e-cigarette

The clearomizer consists of a glass, a housing, and a mouthpiece and is, therefore, the tank during which the liquid, also called e-liquid, enters. The clearomizer also contains another essential component— the coil. The coil ensures that the e-liquid is converted into vapor, which you’ll inhale again.


The coil of an e-cigarette

The coil consists of 1 or more metal coils, with cotton through it or around it. The cotton ensures that the e-liquid is absorbed. The reels of the coil are then, because of the facility from the battery, heated and make sure that the e-liquid within the cotton is evaporated. The coil is additionally the part that must get replaced every now then because it wears out when using the e-cigarette.


The coil of an e-cigarette features a specific Ohm value. The Ohm value is just the resistance that the coil offers. The lower the Ohm value, the lower the resistance. The lower the strength, the faster the present from the battery flows through the coil, the quicker the coil will become hot. Because the coil gets hot faster, it also generates and more vapor.


So in short: The lower the Ohm value, the more vapor.





E-liquid is that the liquid that’s used for vaping. These are available many various flavors, nicotine levels, compositions and additionally they’re available without nicotine.


The nicotine content of an e-liquid

An e-liquid has differing types of nicotine levels. From nicotine-free variants, up to 3mg, 12mg and 18mg. Which nicotine level you’ll take best depends partially on your smoking habits and your fantasia electronic hoohkah pen you’ll, therefore, use the following list as a guide:


Light cigarettes: Then it’s best to settle on 3 mg to six mg nicotine.

Regular cigarettes: Then it’s best to choose 12 mg of nicotine.

Shag: Then it’s best to choose 18 mg of nicotine.

It is, in fact, also possible to use nicotine-free e-liquids. With every e-liquid, you’ll, in any case, choose the specified nicotine content yourself.


Composition of an e-liquid

An e-liquid features a precise form. An e-liquid consists of the resources PG and VG. The substance PG stands for propanediol and mainly causes the throat hit (tickle in your throat) and is, next to nicotine, the most robust flavor carrier. The substance VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin and mainly ensures the quantity of vapor.


Which composition should I get?

Useful to understand is that the VG substance may be a bit more viscous in structure and PG may be a lot thinner. As a result, not every e-liquid with a selected composition is suitable for a chosen e-cigarette.


You can use it as a suggestion that if your e-cigarette uses coils with an Ohm value below 1.0 Ohm, you’ll best choose a touch more VG. Does your e-cigarette use coils with an Ohm value above 1.0 Ohm? Then you’ll select more PG.


Besides, it’s also important what your wishes are. Does one need a lot of vapor? Then you’ll choose tons of VG. does one not want that much vapor, but just the tickle in your throat? Then you choose tons of PG. You’ll also choose the center ground and choose 50% VG and 50% PG.




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