Washing Machine Reviews of Bosch WAE28210FF & Indesit XWA71452WFR

Washing Machine Reviews of Bosch WAE28210FF & Indesit XWA71452WFR

Bosch WAE28210FF: the best cheap


The first home appliances of our selection is a 7 kg washing machine proposed by Bosch, the giant of the German household appliances. And if this washing machine is among their entry-level models, it still has some good surprises.

Of a classic design, it is also easy to use. It offers all the classic modes usually present on machines, easily selectable via a wheel.

On the side, physical buttons allow you to perform basic operations such as starting or pausing the machine, but also to program a delayed end to 24h: you choose when you want the machine to stop, and she will get started. Convenient to avoid leaving the laundry too long in the device!

Level efficiency, no complaints, the stains are treated as well. On the other hand, he still suffers from a slight defect: apart from his 15-minute express program, his treatment times are long. It is impossible to determine an in-between, between this very fast wash that may not be able to overcome some stains, and longer traditional cycles.

Spinning at 1400 rpm seems to manage effectively, since the laundry leaves less wet than other models, and dries more quickly.

Energy level, this machine belongs to the A +++ class, with a cotton program consumption of around 0.72 kWh. It's more than some of its competitors, but it's still ok.

On the other hand, it is quite noisy, with a sound level in the wash at 57 dB and 77 dB in the spin. If it remains manageable, this noise can really become annoying if you put it in a living room. A tip, by the way: do not forget to remove the holds with which it is delivered, because they are enormously moving the machine, and the noise is increased tenfold.

In the end, if your budget is small enough, but you want to acquire an effective product that lasts in time and is perfectly what it is intended, this model will make you happy



Indesit XWA71452WFR: the cheap alternative


The spinning of the Indesit can go up to 1400 revolutions/minute and you have the possibility of programming a deferred departure of 3, 6 or 9 hours. You have a total of 16 programs, including a "Fast Forward" program that allows you to complete a cycle in just 20 minutes

On the other hand, this model is equipped with a function "Push & Wash": a simple press of the button is enough to start your machine. With this feature, the most commonly used program, the 30 ° Synthetic Cotton Mix, is launched with a short wash of 50 minutes.

On the other hand, Indesit generates a sound level of 58 dB in washing, and of 81 dB in spinning: it is, therefore, unfortunately, noisier than the previous one ...

Among the programs that this machine offers is the program "Special Sports" adapted to all sportswear. You even have a "Sports Shoes" program. Among the most classic, you have a delicate program that, as the name suggests, preserves textiles and clothing more fragile.

To clean the machine, you can activate the self-cleaning that lasts 70 minutes and heats up to 85 degrees to loosen the internal parts and drum of the machine. So It is very important to use washing machine as a home appliances.

In the end, its attractive price, its various programs, and its ease of use make it a very good model at a low price! The competition with the Bosch was tough, but the latter is still quieter, especially in spin, and less energy (A +++). The Bosch wins, therefore, in our opinion, the fight.


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