Ways to make a hotel bedroom amazing

Ways to make a hotel bedroom amazing

For a bedroom to look fantabulous and welcoming, there are few things you need to consider. It should not just look amazing but should offer practical elements of comfort and care. While many of us desire a lot of things in our bedrooms, we can always go for simple characteristics that can add a wonderful ambiance to the room where you like to relax and have a good night’s sleep. From buying a luggage rack for bedroom to investing in comfortable mattresses and duvets, these are a few things that can instantly upgrade a bedroom into something super organized and exuding luxury.

Align the colors

Start by aligning the colors that are there in your room. For this you need to point out all the big pieces of furnishings – the table, the bed, the mirror, the book shelve, any night stand, the lamp, and yes the bed covers. Make sure these elements are always in subtle shades that do not appear too bright or out of the place. If one these elements does appear to be like that, you should get it painted and polished in that certain contrasting color. To make it simplified, go with the thumb rule followed by every decorator – the 60:30:10 rule. This means keep the dominant color taking up 60% of the space – walls, large furnishings and floors, while the secondary shade should take up 30% of the space. Which means the bedding, the curtains and the small furnishings like a luggage rack for bedroom or lamp. Then your accent furnishing, some outstanding pieces should be taking up only 10% of the bedroom space and these could be – your artwork, any throw pillows or sheets.

The above formula is sureshot and should help you instantly align the colors in the bedroom for a more aligned and sorted appeal. After al, it is the colors that tie the whole ambiance together, else it can appear to be falling apart.

The comfort factor

this aspect is A-one in the bedroom arrangement list. To make the bedroom serve the exact purpose – of letting one relax and feel comforted, you need to shift focus on changing your bedding and its quality. Getting rid of faded bedding and uncomfortable mattress is important. Invest in a more fluffy and comfortable mattress, with a feather filled duvet and high quality sheets for supreme comfort. Make sure the color of your bedroom matches your bedroom’s palette. In addition to the bedding you should also consider your bedroom couches or chairs, if any, and make them more welcoming by adding some cushions et al.

Lighting is everything

For the bedroom to allow you to have a great sleep, you should make sure there is provision for proper lights – this could be both natural light and artificial light. Strive to create a balance between the two. Get an experience personnel to help you get the best light fixtures for your bedroom.

Keep it organized

It is important to keep your room organized and have a dedicated space for every utility item of yours. If you are unsure of how to align certain things, like luggage, you should consider getting a luggage rack for bedroom which allows you to stack up luggage in an organized fashion so you don’t have to worry about it lying on the floor or having to put it underneath the bed or even on the couch of over the cupboard where it would just simply look too out of place. To keep it all aligned, you can also get a bookshelf and place your accent pieces there for striking the thumb rule balance as mentioned above.


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