Ways to take care of your hair during monsoon

Ways to take care of your hair during monsoon

Monsoon is known as one of the most celebrated and romantic time of the year. It’s a time when drizzling rain relieves you from the hotness of summer while slowly moving towards the winter. But the climate remains humid during monsoon and rains are acidic which impacts the texture of your hair making them frizzy.

Raindrops are the purest form of soft water, but only till they don’t mix with the pollutants present in the environment, these pollutants make them acidic before they even reach the ground. Your hair can get exposed to the airborne hydrogen, which reacts with them until they swell, and the smooth cuticle pops out making your hair look frizzy. You should take extra care of your hair during this season otherwise it can lead to hair fall, increase in dandruff while making the scalp itchy.

Keep your hair clean & use the right shampoo

Clean your hair regularly, especially during monsoon wash them 2 to 3 times in a week in order to keep the sticky and sweaty scalp clean & healthy. Be careful with washing your hairs because shampooing hair too much or too less, both are harmful. Also, shampoo thoroughly from the root to tip, use a mild shampoo or select a shampoo based on your hair type.

Type of shampoo you use also plays an important role in your hair’s health because every hair is different with different needs and to fulfill various needs lots of shampoos are available in the market. Select the one that suits your hair and if you find your shampoo is making your hair rough and damaged, it’s right time to change the shampoo. 

Conditioner is a must during Monsoon

A rich conditioner is also recommended to bring the shine back in your hair, it’s an essential step to lock the moisture in hair after every wash. Make sure to use hydrant conditioner that are helpful in deeply conditioning the hair, strengthening and protecting them from any damage.

Part your hair with a wide-toothed comb and then take a good amount of conditioner to apply thoroughly. Let the conditioner stay for some time and then rinse with cold water for extra shine.

Oiling is important

Make oiling a part of your weekly regime, this monsoon. Though oiling is always recommended for strong hairs and it is a must throughout the year, but it becomes a mandate during the humid monsoons.

Massage your hair gently because your hairs are already weak during this time and massaging too vigorously will make them break off easily. Also, do not use too much oil, just take a small amount of warm coconut or olive oil and apply gently on your scalp.

Use a right Comb

It may seem insignificant, but in reality, combs play a vital role in managing your hair and keeping them healthy. A comb with sharp teeth or closely packed teeth can have a damaging impact on your hair.

Especially during monsoon, when the hair is already frizzy and tangled, a wide-toothed comb is best in getting rid of tangles and ensuring the minimum damage. Also, never comb your wet hair, wet hair is weaker and can break easily. So, it’s a big no to comb wet hair if you want to save them from breakage and keep them healthy.

Dance in the rain, but don’t forget to wash your hair later

You may crave to dance and enjoy the rain during monsoon and it will sound unfair if someone asks you to avoid it because of its damaging effects on your hairs. You can enjoy the rain once in a blue moon but be careful enough to wash your hair every time you drenched in the rain, either intentionally or unintentionally.

If you can avoid dancing in the rain than it will be better for you because the pollutants in the air mix with the raindrops increasing the chemical contents and making it acidic. They can damage your hair more than you can even imagine, you can take this preventive step in order to save your hairs from the long-term damage associated with it.

Drink lots of water

Keeping yourself hydrated and drinking lots of water is a single solution to many of your problems. 72% of the human body is all water and the irony is people generally ignore drinking water.

Remember, you can afford to miss food and survive for a while but not without water.  That’s how important water is, it will help in keeping your body healthy and skin hydrated resulting in glowing skin as well as stronger, healthier and shiny hair.

Avoid Junk Food

Apart from all the adverse effect of humidity and monsoon, one more thing that plays a major role in maintaining stronger hair and healthy scalp is your diet. Make sure to add food items rich in protein and iron such as eggs, fishes, nuts, etc along with omega 3 and vitamin E. The most important thing is to avoid junk food, the weather may tempt you to eat more and more samosas and pakoras among other scrumptious fried food.

But they can have a harmful effect on your hair. Moreover, in monsoons, they are not healthy because you don’t even know how fresh they are, and certain bacteria or insects grow rapidly during this season impacting the food. The better idea is, try homemade alternatives to maintain hygiene and remain healthy.

Home remedies

To give your hair that extra care, follow some home remedies such as you can apply Aloe Vera pulp in the scalp, they contain medicinal properties and keep the hair hydrated as well as dandruff free. You can also use a mixture of curd and egg for shine, softness and silky texture. There are many other home remedies that are easily available and good for hair.

Haircare during monsoon can be a nightmare because the rainy season makes your hair vulnerable to damage but with a little extra care, you can save them from the adverse effect of the weather.



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