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What Are Pneumatic Fittings?

Pneumatic system fittings are the parts which are helpful to connect the tube, pipe, and hose in various pneumatic systems. When compared to other fittings like hydraulic, pneumatic fittings remain typically identified through tighter seals as well as it holds lower pressure specifications. They are commonly utilised in pneumatic system logic control and instrumentation. To understand clearly, you need to understand the differentiation between Pneumatic Tubes, Pipes and Hoses.



  • Tubes: It  relatively rigid vessels composed of solid material. Usually, these tubes are characterised by their outer diameter dimension.

  • Pipes: These are also constructed with solid material. Usually, for these pipes, the dimension will be determined in the internal side. 

  • Hoses: Well, these are flexible containers that are composed of so many layers of various materials. These fittings are not permanent for hose, which usually changed at the time of connection. . 


Different Types of Fittings:

Pneumatic fittings will be distinguished from each other based on each connection type as well as the function that performs.

Connection Type:

Pneumatic fittings stay attached through several different connection systems, all with their conveniences and benefits. 


Ball and Sleeve Fittings:

These connect an external sleeve to the inner fitting. This sleeve used to connect or to disconnect both the ends through fittings. These are utilised to connect the external sleeve and inner ball, also with fitting. These fittings are designed to retreat to connect as well as disconnect the specific ends of every fitting. Few varieties additionally function as one push to connect system fittings.

Compression Fittings:

A compression fitting used to join two pipes. It supports to connect a pipe to some fixtures and valves.Well, this fitting system includes three parts such as compression nut, seat, and ring. If you observe at this compression fittings properly, it is designed to restrain the action of one pipe outside from that fitting. To understand this, take the model of the joint for a fridge ice maker. 

Crimp Fittings:

If you are searching for the different styles with various size fittings, then you can choose this crimp fitting,which are available for you nearly 1400 products with a wide variety. Pneumatic crimp fittings provide you to change and adjust any type length of hose instead of buying new connecting objects. Our Pneumatics crimp fittings remain compatible.

End Fittings:

Pneumatics End Fittings available in different port geometries that include Parker, Valco and Waters. These fittings are made with stainless steel also is designed with strong applications to secure frits as well as to connect tubing. 

These also include in the metal composite and a flange. The flange systems which include ANSI, API and compressed flanges. It supplies in a type of materials that include super duplex, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and Inconel. The fittings which are available in pneumatics are equipped by ancillaries, like bend stiffeners and bend restrictors.


Pneumatics Push Fittings consist of broad range, that includes caps, elbows, adapters, couplings and tees. The push-to-connect fittings build with a secure and simple connection without using crimping, soldering or joining elements. Just push that connection tube inside the fitting till it stops. These push fittings support to joined with CPVC-CTS, copper or PEX. If you are searching for best fittings then make sure to buy these Festo Pu Tube Fittings which are provided at the best price.



Threaded Fittings:

Threaded piping most commonly utilised in low-cost purposes such as fire protection, domestic water and industrial water systems. These are normally built with cast brass or bronze, cast gray or malleable iron, or carbon steel and forged alloy. They are accessible in three types of pressure ratings they are class 2000, 3000 and 6000. 




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