What Is A CRM And How It Can Help You In Your Business

What Is A CRM And How It Can Help You In Your Business

Many companies do not yet use CRM, generally because they are unaware of the existence of these fantastic tools. Today we are going to get you out of doubt by telling you what a CRM is and how it can help you improve your customer relationships. Keep reading!

The most important thing for any company is the customers. Without customers, any business idea, no matter how good, becomes a failure. Therefore, taking care of customers, having them in the center, and working days so that they are happy with your products or services is essential. And that's when the tool we talk about comes in: the CRM.

What is CRM?

A CRM is an application that allows you to centralize the relationship with a company's customers: marketing, business relationship, and customer service. Beyond being a tool, CRM is a way of doing business, with customers as the most precious factor. Thanks to CRM tools, we can have our promotions, prices, marketing and email campaigns, our sales and our after-sales service in one place.

The CRM is what helps us measure and analyze the data of each of the relationships we have with our customers - a call, a meeting, an email, or any incidence mentioned in social networks. All this must be processed to improve strategies and to make appropriate decisions.

The idea, in short, is to learn from our clients to offer them a differential value against competitors. It is not about having a list of clients with some of their data, but analyzing each of those data that they have provided us.

Why do you want a CRM?

If you have a company, CRM will be a very suitable tool for managing it. It will come in luxury to organize and help you have a lot of information accessible very quickly. They say that information is the most valuable asset in the world, why not work with it to build customer loyalty?

The CRM tools available to you can offer you different functions. There are many, although they generally focus on sales, marketing, and customer service.

What makes CRM work?

That you can segment, diversify and direct each of your strategies, whether they marketing, remarketing, customer service or pure marketing and sales, to reach each of your clients in a personalized way, according to their characteristics and needs. In this way, you will achieve greater loyalty, something that will impact on better results.

CRM allows you to automate some functions that you are currently doing by hand, so you will save time, and everyone knows that time is money. Forget about having to register a thousand data by passing them from one Excel sheet to another, to have infinite folders for each client on the company's server. With the CRM, everything will be centralized and many automated functions, so you will have everything in order and a few clicks away.

On the other hand, almost all CRM tools allow different users to access the platform, segmenting them by departments. This will be very useful so that the different departments have access to the same information and that it is always up to date. Thus, both the sales team and the marketing or accounting team can truly collaborate in the management of the company and function as a single whole.

Worth of CRM

There are many CRM applications and tools today, both paid and free, and with many different functionalities. If you think that having a CRM is not what you need, we recommend that you try a free one and that you investigate the different alternatives that the market gives to find the one that best suits your business model.

All top software companies are different, so you will have to be the one who decides which CRM is best for yours. Anyway, to make your search a little easier, we propose here different free alternatives that you can try.


The Bitrix24 platform offers a free version of its CRM, in which you have access to some of its features. In it, you can carry out the management of your tasks and projects through different diagrams, use the CRM as a method of internal and external communication both by mail and by live chat or social networks and keep complete control of the administration of the company. All this in the free version, which gives access to 12 users and has an online storage of up to 5GB.

Agile CRM

One of the most interesting CRM tools is Agile CRM, as it has a free version for up to 10 users, although it is limited. It includes both sales and marketing tools, allowing a maximum of 1000 contacts and up to 5000 emails in the free version. Integra social media marketing, email marketing, landing page creation and much more, but for some of these options, you will have to use one of the paid versions.

Zoho CRM

This CRM tool stores all the data in the cloud, and has a multitude of powerful functions, including sales, marketing, and social networking solutions, customer service, finance and accounting management, and email manager or own tools of office automation in the cloud. It offers 15 days of a free trial, and then you will have the option to continue with the free version, with limited modules, or switch to the premium version.

Suite CRM

It is a CRM application based on Open Source so it is modifiable and adaptable to your needs through the source code. Suite CRM has a free 30-day trial version and offers all kinds of productivity functions concerning sales, marketing, customer service and IT. It is a really powerful and very interesting tool to try for 30 days and then, if it convinces you, pay for one of the three plans that are available to you.


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