What is Big Data analyticsand what is it for?

What is Big Data analyticsand what is it for?

In today's age, everything we do is continually leaving a digital trail that can be used and analyzed; Advances in technology, along with the expansion of the Internet and cloud storage, have caused the amount of data we can store to grow. The data is many and very diverse, commercial transactions, social networks, data of single or recurring users. In the past, it would have been very difficult to save all that data, although today's technology allows us to spare it. Today, data that flows in real-time is almost unthinkable and is another feature of big data, speed without limits. 

There are endless types of data within big data, financial transactions, emails, text documents, databases, audio, and video. Once we are clear about technology from big data training in Bangalore experts, we must focus on why we should use it get detailed reports of technology from big data training in Bangalore experts. Big is the process of collecting large amounts of data and its immediate analysis to find hidden information, recurring patterns, and new correlations.

The data set is so large and complex that traditional means of processing are ineffective. The collection of data has existed almost always when at the dawn of man notches were made in stones or bones to track daily activities or essential supplies for subsistence. 

The invention of the abacus was a decisive boost to the calculation and analysis that we needed so much when the fingers and memory were not enough, and the first libraries also represented a first attempt to store data. Although the concept of collecting and analyzing data about a company is not new, it was in the 2000s when Doug Laney articulated the most popular definition of big data. And we are talking about challenges such as analyzing, capturing, collecting, searching, sharing, storing, transferring, visualizing, etc., huge amounts of information, obtaining knowledge in real-time and putting all the senses in the protection of personal data.

The size to house the whole process has been constantly increasing in order to collect and integrate all the information. Thanks to big data we can reduce costs, save time, develop new products or optimized solutions and make decisions more intelligently. Know the origin of failures, problems, and defects almost in real-time. Detect fraud or malware before it is too late. Recalculate data to generate full updated reports in minutes. Big data has multiple applications and in all sectors. For example, in Web Application Development, you are laying the groundwork for a revolution in this sector. 

Applications thanks to Big Data are capable of translating millions of information data into clear and useful information for the user. That is why the analysis of data has always had a great weight in marketing, a better knowledge of the consumer and their needs leads to knowing how to increase sales; Data analysis allows us to establish relationships between variables, predict behaviors, clustering groups of homogeneous groups, and even analyze texts to extract information. Now with Big Data, all this is achieved in real-time and with each new update of our data repository, it is possible to see the changes in the statistics immediately.

For now, there is no more trace of us than those we are already leaving day by day, and which are already being analyzed by third parties; as of this moment, all those registers are united to form a whole. Yes, we can talk about the representation of us, but it is still a number among millions of numbers, without face or soul. The only thing he will count on to study is the behavior of homogeneous groups treated as tendencies in one second so that the next process begins again. If someone wants to make this something punishable, it remains to be seen, although we must not lower our guard.

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