What is the duration of makeup courses in Mumbai?

What is the duration of makeup courses in Mumbai?

If you have a deep passion for makeup and want to make your career in the glamorous world, here’s a golden opportunity to find more about the makeup courses in Mumbai that suits your schedule. Before discussing the duration of makeup courses in Mumbai, we’ll talk about the reasons you should join makeup classes.

Reasons to join makeup classes

You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people by working in the beauty industry. Being in the makeup industry, you’ll get the chance to meet new people of different backgrounds, ages and even cultures daily. No two days in the makeup industry are the same. So, you have to continually evolve with the changing trends and fashion in this creative field that collaborates of colours and products that will keep the makeup artist in you going!

If you start your career as a freelance makeup artist, you can make your own work hours. You will also get the opportunity to be a part of the exciting fashion industry by expanding your business network with makeup for celebrity photoshoots and fashion show as well as for on-location celeb makeups. Though beauty is skin deep, a little mascara never hurts. By building your career in the makeup industry, you get a chance to touch the lives of people by making them feel happy.

In this age, where people are becoming self-aware of their looks and have access to budget-friendly beauty products, the makeup industry is going nowhere. This industry has a massive scope because from celebs to brides, everyone needs makeup! Doing what you truly love is enough reasons to build your career in the makeup industry that will take care of you.

Duration of Makeup Courses in Mumbai

One of the most important reasons to build your career in this industry is the amount of time you have to invest in learning the art. There are many institutes offering makeup classes with varying durations that range from a month and can go up to a year. Livewires Media Institute offers comprehensive makeup courses in Mumbai that gives you a head start when it comes to working experience.


People that wish to be a professional makeup artist then Livewires institute is the right platform to choose. It is the excellent place that offers all the media courses along with the best infrastructure. It is the only place where students can make their dream into reality. Livewires is the top leading institute that provides short-term as well as long-term courses. Their motive is to give quality training to all the students so that they can reach the desired to goal. Moreover, the curriculum structure keeps changing according to the advancement of the media.

The fashion and styling academy at Livewires Media Institute (livewires.org.in) has a mission to train professional makeup artists and amateurs to help them develop their creativity and talent through the specially designed makeup courses by renowned artists. The instructors of makeup classes at Livewires Media Institute use the latest techniques to prepare you for progressing your career in makeup for the beauty, fashion, theatre, TV, and film industries.

The makeup classes and workshops conducted at this academy provides the best platform to enter the world of makeup artistry:

  • Experience the best in learning from India’s top makeup artists
  • Daily hands-on experience with intensive practical training in makeup
  • Fantastic courses that offer value for money
  • Limited students batch intake to ensure personal attention
  • Sponsorship from international makeup brands such as Inglot, Kryolan, Mac Cosmetics, Dermalogica, Bobbi Brown, etc.
  • 100% placement assistance

So, if you are ready to pursue your dreams to take on the makeup industry with your creativity, contact us to enrol yourself to our makeup courses in Mumbai and get international certifications. Call +91-76666 77000 to know about the admissions for new batches of makeup classes.

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