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What mistakes have to avoid in Mobile App Development

With the creation of cell phones, Mobile applications have rearranged life of individuals to a great extent. This has promoted the Mobile applications industry developing as the most profitable one among all. Particularly with tough competition among iOS and Android, you get the opportunity to see daily new applications are arriving on the scene. Each of the play store account has more than 1 million applications. 

In such a situation, organizations battle out one another to make applications firsthand than others. In such a case, it is clear to see various types of common mistakes have occurred. Such as poor usability, meaningless functions, ignoring data on your target audience. There are lots of examples showcase in the industry that haw some mistakes becomes the reason behind the failure or ended up of everything. It is very well said that Teach a lesson from the mistakes of others.

So in this article, we will discuss some comen mistakes that take place in the area of mobile application development which we try to avoid for implement on our project:

1. Is the app meeting user expectations?

Expectations are very from person to person. each day it is a very difficult task to attract new visitors to your application. So the most important stage is that you have to carefully manage the first interaction of an app with the visitor. We have to face lots of failure to reach the preferences of every single user and for that The poor homepage screen is the biggest reason to miss the early visitors. At the point of beginning The long registration forms with Splash screens and animated elements may become the reason to block the relevant content. 

At a time most of the users prefer the short and simple login process just like name and Email address, get a routine sign in/sign up procedure in place. Additionally, the integration with social media login allows users to indirect login by the social media profile.    

2. Launching Apps on Multiple Platforms at a Go:

The selection of an ideal platform for the launch of your application is such a difficult task. As Google and Apple store already has millions of Applications. So the best thing is to focus on only one platform at a time which helps to reduce the making cost and gets the MVP ( Minimum viable product). If you have decided to launch your application on both platforms. You will require to give more inputs on Designing and functionalities. Which will enhance your time and expenses. Instagram is the best social media platform for launching an IOS and Android Application. 

For instance, Instagram, a popular social networking service, had almost 30 million users on the iOS platform, even before launching the app on the Android platform.

3. Are You Adding Too Many Features?

Thous Applications which have many features make it inconvenient and heavy in size and fail to build a good user experience. And furthermore, the burden of extra features makes the Application more slower, Time consuming, and it is a wastage of resources which was used to make those extra features.

On the other hand, having targeted and usable features build a Mobile Application as a smart technology. For Full fill the purpose of the application try to have the main features along with the other supporting features.

4. Unproven Idea:

On the play store there are already 2.1 million Android Applications and 1.8 million IOS Application are exist so at the time of developing an application it is very important to think out of the box.

Suppose you have some unique idea about your Application that what it should do, and in your consideration, it is possible that it will be demanding in the market but the appropriate analysis deny to support your consideration then it will be converted into an Unverufued opinion. So all you require perfect research about your unique Idea before creating the Application.

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