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What should you know before moving to the Netherlands

A thought of relocating to another country is surely an exciting one. All those fantasies what your life will be like can completely overwhelm us. Making plans and imagining ourselves walking down the streets of a new town is probably something everyone is looking forward to the most. Things become even better if the new town is in some in some beautiful country such as the Netherlands. The dreamy-like streets, villages, and landscapes leave no one indifferent. So, if you are planning a long-distance relocation by moving to the Netherlands, you should definitely prepare. We have decided to help you prepare a bit by informing you about things you should know before the arrival. 

What to know before moving to the Netherlands?

 Good preparation is key to a successful relocation. Even when you are just traveling for a short time, you need to prepare, let alone when you are getting ready to completely change a place of living. Therefore, in order to have a stress-free relocation, we strongly suggest you take some time to sort things out. 

Get information regarding visa and work permit

When it comes to settling in the Netherlands, there are a few things to be aware of. For instance, those citizens who come from countries that are the members of the EU and EFTA, together with their close relatives have permission to stay visa-free. The situation is different for those who do not belong to either of these two organizations. If you are one of them this is what you should do. Make sure to obtain a long-term entry visa. Moreover, you are required to get a residence permit in order to gain the right to live in the country for more than three months.  The best would be to get some immigration assistance over this matter. This will save you a lot of time and energy especially if you have never done this before, or you are tight with the schedule.


Starting a job after moving to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the country that praises high education and encourages young people to strive to constantly improve themselves and to pursue the highest levels of education. A trained professional is very much appreciated and there are high chances you will find something good for yourself if you are one of them. To ensure a good life in the Netherlands, this is a step you need to fulfill before relocating here. See if your current company has an open job vacancy here. That will make the whole situation less complicated. But being without a job in a new country is not really a smart move. Europe is not that cheap, you know. 

Don’t be without a health insurance 

To the best of your knowledge, health insurance is not something you will get by default after you have relocated. Things work differently here. Plus, it is something that you will have to finance yourself. As a Dutch resident, you are also obliged to pay social security. This you should settle within the four-month period after you have obtained your residence permit. The downside is that the costs are higher than in other cities around Europe. On the bright side – you will be at peace knowing that the quality of healthcare is the best! However, we hope you won’t ever have to use it, but it is good and necessary to have it, just in case. 

It is easy to open a bank account 

There is a standard procedure for opening a bank account in the land of tulips. This is a modern country with modern institutions. Therefore, you can expect a high-professional service in most banks which usually have financial advisors who work specifically with the newcomers. All you need would be your ID, citizen service number, residence permit as well as the registered address. Sometimes, in specific cases, banks will also ask you to provide them with information regarding your income. Mostly, this whole procedure is finished very fast which is very convenient. It will surely ease the situation as it will allow you to use your money and receive new payments. 

The language barrier is almost non-existent 

The Dutch are classified as one of the best speakers of the English language with maybe the exception of older people outside of bigger cities. And although we encourage you to learn Dutch, English will be quite handy for the time being. However, you can make an effort and come prepared with the knowledge of some useful expressions in Dutch such as: 

  • Where is the bus station? – Waar is het busstation

  • Good morning – Goedemorgen

  • Good afternoon – Goedenmiddag

  • Good evening – Goedenavond

  • Bye – Dag

  • Thank you very much – Dank u well (this is used in more formal discourse); Dank je wel (informal discourse)

The real estate market is very competitive

Of course, relocating to the Netherlands makes no sense unless you’ve found yourself a home. Depending on which city you are moving to, you will have a larger or smaller range of properties to choose from. Logically, the city of Amsterdam has the biggest demand for real-estate. One of the main things you should keep on mind is that you should be able to register your address. This is the information some banks will require you to provide them with. 

Either case, if you are moving from New York to the Netherlands, and you think you won’t be able to find an apartment or a house easily, then you should address to a reliable moving company such as Dynamic Movers NYC to assist you during this time. You will need to inform them about your budget and supply them with a wish list of what kind of a home would be suitable for you. 

Keeping these things in mind will definitely make the transition to a new country easier. Luckily, you are moving to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe so we have no fear that you won’t find your happiness here.  Welkom!




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