What Tools Should You Use to Make Your Game Development Exclusive

What Tools Should You Use to Make Your Game Development Exclusive

Games have become immensely popular as they have converged their ways in our smartphones. By the influence of digitalization mobile games have undergone a sea change both in content and in a visual impression. To serve the never-ending demands, mobile game development companies use the latest technologies so that games become customised and engaging for the players of all ages. Market statistics have shown that by the end of 2019, the market for global gaming will be valued at 152 billion USD. Out of this figure, 45 percent that is 68.5 billion dollars is estimated to be achieved directly from mobile games. There have been 9.6 billion USD investments in the gaming industry in the last 18 months.

Virtual games have attracted gamers from all over the world because of the rich animations, graphics and interactive experience. A reputed mobile game development company can provide you with all possible tips to make distinctive games so that you can stay ahead in today’s competitive market. 

But how can improve or better your development process? To make your games successful and popular you have to be better than the best both in terms of quality and quantity. So to make some of the finest games for your targeted audience you need to use certain tools or resources that can make your games rich in assets and functionalities. 

Game development is truly a challenging task with loads of creativity. Using appropriate sets of tools you can smoothly create any games belonging to diverse genres without many difficulties. 

Let us have a look at some of the popular tools that are used worldwide by the developers.

Unreal Engine: This is one of the popular game development engines created by Epic Games. The main language used here is C++. With Unreal Engine, you can develop dynamic lighting and advanced graphics so that the gameplay becomes interesting for the players. As it is compatible with both Android and iOS, large numbers of players can be served easily. It is highly suitable for creating both 2D and 3D games. 

Marmalade SDK: Created by Marmalade Technologies Limited, this is a cross-platform game development tool. As a result, it can save effort, cost and time. Developers using this tool can get also sorts of support with respect to documentation, samples, libraries etc so that they do not get stuck up with their developmental tasks.

Apart from iOS and Android, it is also equally suitable for Tizen, Blackberry and Windows. Being a cross-platform development tool it can be used once for writing codes which can be used across platforms with or without much alterations. 

Unity: This is by far the most preferred game development tool across the globe. Like the former one, Unity is also a cross-platform game development engine which is compatible with more than 25 different platforms. Its compatibility with the technology of Virtual Reality has made all the more popular in the current scenario. With a strong asset store and documentation process, Unity helps all types of developers to learn and incorporate the desired elements for making games attractive and entertaining. Besides this Unity also contains a rich community from where the developers can get solutions about any specific feature of which they have confusions or which are absolutely new to them. 

Construct 2: This is another popular gaming tool which is mainly applicable for 2D games. Being a web-based tool it is quite helpful for HTML5 game developers even who are beginners as they do not have to use any programming skills. Developed by Scirra Ltd., it enables in creating games quickly with its drag and drop feature which uses a behaviour-based logic system and a visual editor. 

A game development company with expertise in game development solutions can offer you personalised strategies so that you can stand out with unique and innovative games. 

Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a renowned mobile game development company. Being the founder he keeps an eye on the changing trends of game development to keep pace with the growing demands. This apart, he also writes about the upcoming technologies that can make game development more lucrative in the coming time.

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Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent mobile game development company in India. Being a lover of latest technologies, Mr. Roy always encourages to come up with unique ideas in creating games that can excite gamers by offering a thrilling experience.

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