What You Should Know About Today’s Teeth-Whitening Options

What You Should Know About Today’s Teeth-Whitening Options

What Do Whitening Agents Contain?
All whitening agents consist of a peroxide solution, but the strength and amount of this solution depends on the specific products that you use or buy. A mild agent could have as little as one-tenth peroxide in it, while more intensive whitening agents could have as much as 40 percent. Whitening products you buy at the drug store or pharmacy, such as whitening strips, will only have a small concentration of peroxide solution. Whitening procedures from your dentist in Kitchener, Ontario, on the other hand, are known to be more effective.
How Do Whitening Agents Work?
Regardless of what whitening products or procedures you buy, the agent in question can only make your teeth as white as the actual color of your teeth. The color of your teeth is determined by how thick their enamel is as well as how yellow the dentin is inside the tooth. Whitening agents can remove stains from food and drinks, but they are not capable of restoring the color of dentin at this time, which is the real factor behind your teeth’s color.
As over-the-counter whitening products contain a small amount of peroxide, they do very little to whiten your teeth like procedures that you can experience at the dentist. Store-bought whitening products can whiten your teeth, but the rate in which they will get whiter tends to be very slow and methodical.
What Kinds Of Whitening Products Are There
Whitening strips are like bandages that adhere to your teeth, and because of how they are made, they will only whiten the front side of them. Many consumers smile wider to show more teeth than these products can whiten, so the results on these over-the-counter products are rather mixed.
Whitening trays are also available. These trays are in the form of mouthguards that form to your teeth so they cling to them each time you use them. You fill these trays with gel and the gels smothers around your teeth them you put these trays in your mouth. Some of these trays also come with a UV light that you put in your mouth as well. This gel is meant to coat all sides of the teeth into a natural, white color. However, you may be required to wear these trays for up to an hour a day to get the results you want, and the gel can be messy and irritate your mouth.
Whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes can also be found in stores, but considering you don’t have them on your teeth for as long, due to their nature, they certainly will take a long time in order for you to notice any results.
All of these whitening products are very affordable. Whitening trays will cost around 50 dollars, whitening strips will cost less than 20 dollars, and whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes will cost slightly more than their regular counterparts.
What Do We Use For Teeth Whitening?
Your dentist would use Zoom Whitening, which is a powerful and effective whitening procedure that can leave your teeth just eight shades whiter in around 45 minutes. Zoom Whitening is also available in a home kit version, but we recommend getting an appointment with us so you can achieve instant results on your teeth.
Your dentist would apply a hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth and then shine a special light on them. The light and gel work together to give your teeth effective and accelerated results. Zoom Whitening covers the whole mouth, so it will whiten the back as well as the front.
Zoom Whitening’s gel solution is considered very strong, so it may feel too extreme for people with sensitive teeth. Following the procedure, though, this pain that patients feel will quickly go away. Whitening treatments will cost around 300 to 800 dollars, but you cannot argue with their instant results.
There are many whitening options to consider if you are looking to make your teeth visibly whiter. While there are plenty of store-bought whitening options, the best would be to have your teeth whitened by your Ontario dentist, as they provide the most effective care and performance to make your teeth bright again. If you do not wish to wait or want your teeth to be handled by a skilled professional, you can pay for a Zoom Whitening procedure. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today.

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