Why Do You Need Converters For Your Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

Why Do You Need Converters For Your Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

Ground mounted solar panels are an amazing investment for your family and home because you can spread these panels around your property to save money, gather enough energy for the house, and even sell some power back to the power company.  These solar panels are controlled by an inverter, and you can use a simple controller unit that is perfect for the management of the system. Use the tips listed below to ensure that you will make money from the power company, get off the grid, and ensure that you can do something good for the planet.

How Do You Set Up The System?

Your solar kit has panels, a solar panel inverter, a controller, and a battery bank.  The inverter is the first in a long line of components that must be installed to ensure that your system functions in the way that it should.  The solar system that you have set up needs to convert the current from DC to AC when it is going into the house. You can avoid the conversion process when you are sending the power directly to the power company, and you do not need an inverter for a battery bank.  

What is The Racking System?

Solar racking systems are used to set up your solar panels on the ground.  These panels are not the traditional style that you attach to the roof, and you can sink these mountings in the ground on your property.  It is very simple for you to attach the panels to the house from a ground mounted system, and you can install your inverter, battery bank, and controller with ease.  A controller is a powerful unit that you can use any time you go out to check the panels, and you should learn how to use the controller so that you can keep track of your power production.

What Does The Solar Controller Do?

The solar panel controller will help you manage the amount of power created by the panels while also checking on the temperature that each solar panel has reached.  There are a number of people who would like to use a solar controller to check their power output, and they can read how much has been stored, sent tot he power company, or sent to the house. You can check the status of the solar panel system, and you should install the controller in every panel array so that you can check on them.

How Do You Store Energy?

You can store energy in a battery bank that you can be independent on the system, and you must ensure that the battery bank is large enough for the amount of power you plan to store.  The emergency power unit allows you to power the house when you have an emergency, and you can use the battery bank to send energy to the power company at the end of the day.

How Do You Get A Contract With Power Company?

The contract with the power company is something that allows you to make money on your power collection, and you will get a flat rate from the power company for all the extra power you produce.  You could just sell your power to the power company, and you could cover your whole yard in solar panels if you would like to do that.  

There are several ways for you to use the solar panels that you have bought for living off the grid, saving money on your power bills, and even making money from the power company when you sell energy back to them.  You can even install these panels with a ground mount instead of the roof.


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