Work to residence visa New Zealand | Work Residence Visa NZ

Work to residence visa New Zealand | Work Residence Visa NZ

New Zealand is a great place to work and live. Coming here to work is possible through various categories of work visas that are on offer. The only thing is that all of them are temporary in nature and they do not directly grant resident status or citizenship. For that, you have follow the prescribed channel.

We will come to that at a later stage. Firstly we need to understand why to seek a resident status at all. To answer that let us phrase this first. There are many benefits that come along with resident status. Firstly, you get protected by the New Zealand law. You would be able to enjoy most of the rights and privileges that the citizens have. That means free education for your kids and free healthcare for the entire family. You would also be able to travel unlimited number of times in and out of the country provided you get your PR. There are numerous more benefits attached to this status.

How does work to residence visa New Zealand Work?

The most convenient way to get a residence visa from a work visa is by getting a job from an accredited employer in New Zealand. There are 1000+ such employers registered with the immigration department. If you land up in a job with them then there is a clear pathway to residency for you. You are allowed to work for 30 months on this visa after you complete 24 months of employment meeting all the conditions, then you can apply for resident visa through it. The best part about talent accredited work visa category is that your employer is responsible to assist you for residency. It’s not an option with him, he has to do everything in his capacity to see it through. It’s a legal obligation on his part. You must be aged 55 or under to make it work though.

Another path is through the long term skills shortage visa. Here also you must complete 24 months of employment to be eligible for applying. Both the pathways are clear and have multiple steps to be processed. Here the help of a professional immigration adviser would surely come handy.

Can I bring my family?

Presently you are not allowed to club your spouse and dependent children in most of the temporary work visas. However, they can apply for various other immigration products to come along. What you can do is that you can club them in your resident visa application. If they meet the criterion then they would also be granted resident status. We would suggest getting in touch with a professional immigration adviser to know more about your options. These professionals are trained by the immigration department of NZ to handle such matters. Hiring them will make things really smooth for you. They can also represent you at IPT if the need arises. Get in touch with them to know more about the services they offer.

You’ll also need to satisfy the requirements of one of the following two pathways:

From an Accredited Employer work visa

If you were granted a temporary work visa to allow you to work for an accredited employer in New Zealand, you can apply for a residence class visa under Residence from Work (Accredited Employers) Category. These visas are known as Talent (Accredited Employer) visas.

To be eligible you’ll need to:

1. have held a Talent (Accredited Employer) Work visa for at least 24 months
2. have been employed full time for that period by an accredited employer
3. be currently employed and have a base salary of at least NZ$55,000 per year
4. hold full or provisional registration to practice in your occupation in New Zealand (if applicable)

From a Long Term Skill Shortage List work visa

If you were granted a temporary work visa to allow you to work for an employer in New Zealand in an occupation on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, you can apply for residence under Long Term Skill Shortage List Category.


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