WP Engine v/s Pantheon : Which is best for Wordpress Solutions in 2020

WP Engine v/s Pantheon : Which is best for Wordpress Solutions in 2020

Hello, We have written this article for clarifying the benefits of Wordpress enterprise solutions partners. We have taken two competitors for this article. Everyone wants quality service over quantity,As our personal experience we have created this article for helping others.

Firat, we talk about the WP Engine. They were an early pioneer in the WordPress-optimized hosting movement and helped raise standards for traditional shared hosting. If you’re a WordPress user looking to self-host a low traffic site then WP Engine may be your best choice.

However, if you’re a professional developer, or if you are responsible for an important website that needs proactive security measures, dedicated, high-performance infrastructure and round-the-clock support, then Pantheon is likely your best choice. Simply put, Pantheon is ideally suited for professional developers, important websites, and enterprises while WP Engine is good for low-traffic WordPress blogs.

Brief Difference of WP Engine and Pantheon :

Support Success-focused Support Model: Pantheon’s infrastructure proactively handles most performance issues, so when you need help your first interaction is with a WordPress expert and we are able to get straight to the issue. Our support team is staffed with WordPress experts who are ready to handle questions around the clock.

WP Engine handles downtime tickets across multiple data centers, server configurations, and various stack configurations. This complex infrastructure makes it difficult to diagnose issues, bogging down the entire support process and delaying interactions focused on actual issue resolution

Technology, Optimized Platform: WordPress sites on Pantheon’s container-based platform are fast, secure and don't share resources (or risks) with other sites because our infrastructure, running on Google's Cloud Platform, eliminates single points of failure and noisy neighbor problems.

The majority of WP Engine websites run on shared hosting—the most economical kind of hosting. WPE sites run on the same server as tens or hundreds of other WPE sites. The “noisy neighbor” effect of this setup makes your site vulnerable to security exploits and poor performance.

Pricing Simple Pricing, No Surprises: Pantheon pricing is based on the value your site delivers to your company and plans are tiered by your site’s unique monthly visits. All plans include unlimited support, automated WordPress updates, HTTPS, Global CDN and unrestricted bandwidth. We won’t charge you extra when you get traffic spikes.

WPengine pricing is based on the amount of resources a site takes up on a shared virtual machine.  WP Engine’s add-on and upsell pricing model can get tiresome. As a site consumes more bandwidth or data storage overage charges are invoiced.  These overage charges can be unexpected and significant.

Developer Experience Professional Developer Tools: Developers have access to best of breed tools to do their jobs like New Relic Pro for performance monitoring, Docker-based local development environment, command-line tools and webhooks for automation and scripting. Pantheon is the top choice of professional developers.

WP Engine has focused on mass-market WordPress admin and Blog owner tools. WPE offers tools for site editors, but offers little to the professional developer. Advanced tools that are included with every Pantheon account are restricted and upsold to WPengine customers.

Customer Success Professional Services: Pantheon customer success managers are WordPress technical experts focused on your success, not contract renewal. In WP Engine, Onboarding and technical account managers are available at significant additional cost.

We personally recommended the WP Engine Services because we have used his service past 5 years and Get 100 % Satisfying Support. We also have used his services for our clients also. you can use Developer tools, free membership, Campaign marketplace for More information about the WordPress services. you can contact us on our official chat.

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