Your Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategy Guide

Your Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategy Guide

Reputation is considered as a business asset, and this is why it is crucial to take reputation management seriously. Bad reputation can lead to financial losses, as declining sales of products is inevitable due to poor reputation. So, how to manage business reputation? Different kinds of techniques as well as strategies can be applied for effective reputation management process. In some cases, a few strategies work well and in some cases they do not fetch good results. Professional online reputation management services follow certain tricks and techniques to manage business reputation. Some of the techniques are listed below.

Press Releases

Using press releases for online reputation management is a meticulous idea. Several online portals are there, where you can submit press releases. While it comes to submitting press releases, it is important to focus on the quality of the contents. They must be well written and they should not sound over promotional. Press releases are written to announce new achievements, sales offers, upcoming business events, etc. If your business has launched a new product or service, you can use press release to announce the launching date or time.

Social Media

Power of social media is not unknown these days, and thus it is important to use social media platforms effectively to become successful with business promotional and reputation management activities. It is important to interact with potential customers as well as loyal customers through social media platforms. It is important to verify the reviews on your product or brand on social media websites. Good communication builds up trust, and trust leads to better business reputation.

Product Reviews

If your products are listed in third party ecommerce website or your own ecommerce website, it is absolutely important to check the reviews from the purchasers. Purchasers leave their suggestions, satisfaction report, grievance and feedbacks on the products. Appreciating a good review is important, while at the same time it is also necessary to address a negative feedback. You may share some tips so that purchaser can make better use of your product. An effort to resolve the glitches will be appreciated by purchasers as well as potential buyers.


For both personal and organizational reputation management, use of blogging can be noted significantly. Experienced online reputation management services know the art of blogging to clinch good reputation for your business. For blogging, articles are written. These articles are posted in various blog platforms. A large number of people read various useful blogs on the internet. The blogs that are used for reputation management should be informative and interesting otherwise people would not care to read them.

Managing the Negative Feedbacks

A business may obtain negative reputation due to some bad reviews or criticisms from the clients or customers. You need to bear the fact in mind that everyone would not be happy with your services or products. So, getting a bad review is almost certain. However, you can certainly repair your reputation by replying to those criticisms. Taking criticism positively and showing the intent of learning from those will make your reputation converted into positive.

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