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Dignity was their first step towards the Patient Care Division. With the growing awareness of adult diapers among the people and the need to address the problem of incontinence, Dignity was born. The idea was to challenge the existing social taboos predominantly present in India about the usage of adult diapers, and to extend a caring helpful hand towards people suffering from a leaky bladder.

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How can adult diapers change your life from miserable to the happiest?

Nobody can spend his/her life by staying at home all the time. Life is considered miserable if you’re forced to stay at home due to leaky bladder situation or incontinence problem.


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3 critical situations when you must say yes to the adult diapers

The call of modern times, adult diapers are getting closer to the need of people. Even the doctors recommend it in some specific situations like dealing with leaky bladder and incontinence problems. B...


7 Common Misconceptions About Adult Diapers

Sometimes, it becomes very necessary to separate misconception from the truth. People have some misconceptions and taboo about adult diapers and hence it leaves them in double thoughts about buying a...


Why people suffering from a leaky bladder love Dignity Adult Diapers (And You Should, Too!)

From the barriers of going outside to running for the toilet again and again, the leaky bladder is a problem that may try to stop you living life at fullest. Sometimes the doctors also do not have a p...