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A 21st century transaction feature

As we movie with the tide of technology, the 21st century seem to be miles ahead in terms of innovation and invention. Everything from a cog to an engine seems to be changing and getting new shapes an...


A new window to see the world

The new world of the 21st century is a web of invisible wires which have paced up the life significantly as we know it. Mobile phones, technology, internet, telecommunication have undergone a tremendo...


What Are Some Of The Best Trends You Need To Look Out For When It Comes To It Services?

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Chandrayaan – II mission to south pole of moon

After the change in the action plan to launch the Chandrayaan II in the month of April, and then declared to be launched in the month of July, 2019. The preparation for triggering the launch mission i...


Future with artificial intelligence

In the past one decade we have witnessed revolutionary upgradation in the field of information technology. Now we are able to do all what was just an imagination in the past for humans. In this ar...

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