Privacy Policy is a huge blogging site which will cover all the major and minor subject matters of the world. We are dedicatedly improving and developing this website to provide all the required information and user platform to our visitors and users.

According to our privacy policy, we are going to collect some information and personal data of our users through their personal accounts on our website or through their free style submissions on our amazing and useful platform.

Services we will provide:

It is a free blogging website for one and all. You can showcase your writing skills here by sharing your own written blogs and articles on this site.

You must become a regular member of our website so that we can provide you all of our major services and offers.

In order to become a member of our website you need to create one User Account on the site.

We will provide you one unique User ID and Password to login into your personalized account.

You can share you articles and blogs freely here but the quality of the content should be as per the applied standards and norms.

Your profile, piece of writing and personal information can be indirectly share with other websites online  for the better coverage.

What is Privacy Policy?

Any information or data or personal data collected by one organization or website owner against the usage of account on his portal is the wholesome responsibility of the host or owner of the said website or a company. In the year 1968 it was for the first time in the world when the need of such policy was felt to be needed for the protection of the information of the account holders or users etc. Privacy policy is also known as Privacy page.

Who ShouldHave a PrivacyPolicy?

  • Any individual or a firm or a group of people who are indulged in the collection of data from general public.
  • The website owners or website bloggers who have official web existence.
  • Any online website portal which provides end to end solutions for websites and development for exp, WordPress, Jumla, etc.
  • Any mobile application or a sub application.
  • E-commerce businesses or sites.


What Information We Collect From You?

  • We collect your name, address, gender, date of birth, mobile number, email address etc.
  • We also collect your photographs, video clips, informative etc.
  • If you are registering as a business then we will collect your type of business details, products and services details, any offers, any discounts km the products etc. 
  • We also collect data from your blogs and articles for the betterment of the website.
  • We can also collect your any other details on future if needed. 

Account Details:

When you create a user account on our website you have provision to add your account details in your account information for the future business deals and transactions. When you do so then you must be worried about the safety concern for your account details.

We are having very strong control over our safety control system and we do not share such information anywhere or with anyone. Your account details are secure and password protected and only you have the access to your banking details.

What DataWe Do Not Accept?

  • Any promotional advertisement links
  • You must not share same information of your products or company from different user accounts on our website
  • Any photographs of products or services offered by you or your company
  • We will not accept any anti-social or any aggressive information against humanity or the interest of the country
  • You must not share any porn or adult rated content or information on our website or source
  • We do not accept any fake information or any content without prior deep research
  • We do not accept any information or content against the policies of Google

What We Don’t Share?

  • We have strong control over the data we collect from our visitors and we try not to share it with anybody.
  • We never share any personal information of the account holder with us. 
  • We also don’t share any sensitive or secret information or data with anybody or on any platform.
  • We don’t even share any information or data directly or indirectly related with your business.
  • We don’t share any pricings and discounting offers.

What We May Share?

As we have our existence in all over the world then our blogs and articles available on our website areapproached by our random visitors and readers. And here we make available all the content for them.

We also share information and data indirectly as some of the data is needed by the other websites.

We also share your used photographs of video clips.

Some of the other websites have their interest in the users of our website and that is why they look for the contact information of all the users we have.

We understand the significance of the security of your personal and banking information. And we are working strongly and tactfully towards our better and secure services to be delivered to our all the account holders and members.