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I am a full-time writer and editor. A postgraduate in Australia and an MBA in Marketing with almost five years of researching and writing experience, I have written on practically every niche on the web. Currently, I am working with Dricki as a content writer.

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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Running Safety

Running is a pretty safe sport, for the most part. But like anything, there is risk involved. Taking some precautions can cut down the risk and increase your comfort and enjoyment out on the run.


Dog Health Concerns - What Causes Them and How Can You Prevent Them?

Pet health experts say that pet dogs, if not taken care of properly, could be vulnerable to a wide range of dog health concerns - from bacterial and viral infections to kidney problems, heart problems...


How Pests Can Affect Your Health

Pest and rodents may have some harmful effects on your quality of life and your family's health. It is essential to understand the dangers stemming from these kinds’ infestations. Do you know that man...