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Kunjal Chawhan founder of Decode Digital Market, he is a Digital Marketer by profession and a Digital Marketing Niche Blogger by passion, he shares what he has learned and applied with the community.

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Top off-Page SEO Activities That Doesn’t Require Submissions

SEO is segregated into On Page & Off Page, On Page SEO is more or less under control the results are quantifiable, Off Page on the other hand isn’t as result oriented as it once used to be, that’s bec...


Top Celebrity Kid Hairstyles

Ever wanted your child to look like a celebrity? With a wavy Mohawk or a highlighted braid, celebrity kids are the new trendsetters (Surprise! Surprise!). With parents belonging to the limelight, no w...


Features To Look For in an Off-Road Electric Skateboard

It had been almost a decade that electric skateboard had been invented, a fabulous innovation that still after a decade rule peoples heart and everyone wants to own one. It is majorly popular among ki...