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Prime Cable Industries, established in 1997 & since then manufacturing LT PVC/XLPE Power, Control & AB Cable. We have a diversified product range to meet the requirements of different economic sectors like Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Electricity Boards, Thermal Power Plant, Oil & Gas , Railway, Iron & Steel Industries, Port trust and other Projects/Sectors.

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How do wind turbines generate electricity?

A simple logic works behind the working of windmills or wind turbines.It is not easy to transport such large items to the remote areas as narrow roads and sharp turns act as hurdles on the way. Theref...


What preventive measures should we take while installing a solar system in our house or office premises?

Installing solar panels at a house carries a lot of problems for the workers. From lifting it to the highest floors to solving the heating issues, engineers and related workers take so many preventive...


Electricity safety measures that you must take to keep your kids safe

We cannot predict the mind of kids between 1-6 years. They can do anything at any time. From Clothing Iron to the freezer in the kitchen, they can touch and inspect anything, because this is the age w...