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Formed in 2013, MyLightHost has set the standard for high-performance Web hosting, cloud computing, vps & dedicated server and domain registration services. As with any successful company, customer service is the key element to our success. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. Our support team is constantly (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) accessible to our customers. Excellent customer care is a priority for our support team and they strive to make sure every question is answered adequately and thoroughly and help our customers with the long-run development of their website.

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What is Managed Dedicated Server? Why do you need it?

In a managed server, you have more to enjoy a hasslefree hosting environment. It's better than an unmanaged one where you need to be an expert in technical knowledge to mitigate issues.


How to Secure Your Dedicated Server? - Explained.

When you think about the security of your dedicated server, you must take some potential safety measures as you can. For that, you have to know the security vulnerabilities which may create a security...


WordPress 5.3 Major Release is Now Available!

WordPress new release available for you. This release comes with more improvement you need.


Web Server Definition - How does it work?

A web server is a computer that processes the request from the web browser and responses to it. Special software like Apache, Nginx, Tomcat is installed in the server to display the files as a website...


How Data Center Location Impacts Your Website?

The server location is very important in different terms as it has a direct effect ob your websites and business. So, you must be aware of how server location affects your sites and you can overcome t...