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Common Backbone injuries at the workplace

Back injury can vary from a simple strain to a serious injury, or you can say that it varies from mild to severe injury. The condition of the backbone and the damage depends on the type of injury, cause of injury, and impact of the injury.

You will feel worse if you get this injury during work or due to your profession. Backbone injuries during work can range from a mild strain to severe paralysis. If you experience backbone injuries due to work type, you can claim compensation. It’s the legal right of an employee to claim compensation for the injuries he gets in an accident during work.

Human backbone has a complex structure, consist of various nerves, bones, vertebrae, joints, and ligaments. An injury to one of these components can lead to severe effects. As you know, when you lift heavy objects or move in an unwanted or unnatural posture, you may damage your backbone.

Backbone injuries are common in the UK during the work. Most of the people don’t claim compensation against their employer. They fear of getting lose their job.

Common backbone Injuries

Backbone injuries can occur of different range. As you know, the severity of the injury depends on the type of injury. The common backbone injuries include:

Lifting heavy objects

Heavy objects can cause trouble for the lifter. If the lifter doesn’t have proper lifting technique, then he may get backbone injuries.

Furthermore, the employee should be educated about how to lift the object. Never lift the objects with a sudden lift. This can cause injury to the vertebrae. If you put all your weight on your back, this can also hurt or damage your backbone.

Working for long hours

If you work for a long time with your back, this can hurt your back. On the initial stage, you will experience pain only. After some time, you might feel a lack of mobility. This condition may become complicated over time. If your backbone gets damaged due to your work type, you can claim compensation against your employer.

Fall from height

During the maintenance work, you might fall from height. During the fall, due to height, you may land on your back. This can damage your lover back. You might also experience fracture and nerve damage. This condition can also become severe if not treated on time.

Causes of back pain at work

  • Repeated tasks
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Trip slip and fall
  • Broken or damaged chair
  • Manual labor tasks
  • Driving for long-distance
  • Poor posture during work
  • High use of computer

Time limit to claim compensation

The time limit to claim compensation is three years after the accident. According to compensation law in the UK, the victim or injured person has three years. If you report the accident after this time, you will not be able to claim compensation.

You should claim compensation right after getting medical treatment. As you know, in this time, all the evidence is available and can be accessed easily.

Getting medical attention

After getting an injury, you should look for the treatment immediately. Backbone is a complex part of the human body. There are many nerves attached to the backbone. Any damage to these nerves can make you disable permanently. If you delay the treatment, you may put your life at risk.

Seeking solicitor’s advice

After the medical treatment, you can seek the help of personal injury solicitor to claim the compensation. Personal injury solicitor can give you the best advice according to the situation and scenario. He can also help you to gather the evidence related to the occurrence of the accident. Personal injury solicitor can also help you to estimate the general damage in the form of compensation.

If the other party agrees on settlement talks, the personal injury solicitor Burnley can arrange a meeting with the liable party. If they don’t agree, he can send them legal notice of court hearing. This process is a bit complicated and might take years to prove them guilty.

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