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Does Ambient Noise Really Impact PTE Score?

Does Ambient Noise Really Impact PTE Score?

Ambient Noise can be distracting while taking the PTE exam. During the speaking section, there are other test-takers that are speaking their responses. This creates a lot of distraction and makes you lose your focus. If you are taking the PTE exam for the first time then it can be annoying. The problem arises when people have a habit of reading loudly. You might tend to increase your volume thinking the microphone will capture your voice. But that is not advisable. You should speak in a moderate volume. You should opt for online PTE coaching and take the mock test sitting in a public place so that it prepares you for the noisy environment. When you get distracted, your brain tends to stop functioning. You end up losing your presence of mind.

The microphone is designed to pick up your voice. So till the time you pay attention to your tasks, you will be fine. The more you concentrate on your exam, the less the noises will affect you.

Tips to overcome noise concerns

The below tips will help you to get through the speaking section:

  1. Go for a less crowded exam center: Some of the test-takers opt for a test center that has less number of test-takers rather than the one that is near to them.
  2. Choose a less popular date and time slot: This is worth giving a try. It may or may not work for you. The first hour of the day is less chosen by test-takers as people do not want to wake up early. This could be the best time to pick for the exam. You will have less test-takers in your slot which will create less ambient noise.
  3. Reach before time: If you reach early then some administrators let the test-taker start the exam before time. This gives you a chance to start the exam before other test-takers. It helps to clear the speaking section before the other test-takers.

The above tips will help you to increase your confidence level and get a better score. Once you can focus properly then the ambient noises do not affect your score. You can see this from the online PTE score of the mock test you took sitting in a public place.

How to improve your concentration?

Follow the below tips to improve your focus while taking the PTE exam.

  1. Practice speaking in a noisy environment: Try to take the online PTE coaching in a noisy environment. You can go to a park or a beach and take a mock test. This will help you to build focus and increase concentration. Check your online PTE score to see how is your performance.
  2. Improve your concentration: You can train your mind to listen to your voice. You can train it to focus on the tasks. Try to not get distracted or it will lead to a state of panic and anxiety. You should practice meditating to increase your concentration.
  3. Practice speaking with radio On: Take the online PTE coaching with a radio on in the background. You should turn up the volume so it gives you the feel of the real test environment. It will be distracting in the beginning. But with time you will overcome that and will be able to increase your focus on solving the tasks.

Once you tackle the noisy environment, you have won half of the battle. Analyze your performance from the online PTE scores. It will help you to deduce the areas that need improvement. Try to give full concentration while solving the tasks to get a better score on the PTE exam.

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