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How To Write is a professional blogging website. It is an umbrella blogging site where all the talented and creative writers and bloggers are invited and appreciated for their extraordinary piece of writing and continuous research and content development.

It’s Time To Write For Us :-

It is great! That you want to write for us. And we appreciate your participation and interest in our dedicated blogging website. But we are only looking for quality content and most importantly an informative article for our target audience.
People randomly approach us everyday to publish their out of the box hundreds of blogs and articles in our domain link but we don’t entertain such content.  We understand your eagerness to write for us and we even appreciate your efforts but we would rather suggest you not to approach with any useless content for us.


What we expect from you :–

  1. We are looking for content on numerous topics especially the latest ones. But we are not looking for content on any random topic. So, it is necessary for you to understand thoroughly what is out ultimate goal.
  2. We have covered all the comprehensive subject matters and current affairs of the world. We provide qualitative and informative blogs and articles to our readers on Information technology, Tour guides, Foods and Dishes, Automobile industrial updates, Politics, Economics, Financial issue, Digital marketing, Education, Science & Innovation etc.
  3. You must link your reference links and back links, you must add some relevant photographs of subject matter, you can even add videos or video reference links.
  4. Write informative and engaging content, beconcise, add some relative facts and figures, the data provided in the blogs and articles should be fact-full.
  5. If you have any business offers for us then be specific with the information in the post and if you want us to try out some new apps then share the links of it.
  6. Don’t ask us to revert back on your blog posts as we might not reply but is you will provide the appropriate details that would help us understand your requirements better.
  7. The article must be unique & informative.
  8. content should be more than 700 words.
  9. Note: Please do not waste your time by posting Adult & duplicate content will not acceptable

We are looking for :-

  • The articles should be at least of 700 words with all the aspects of the topics covered in detail.
  • Articles must be written in high quality for the better performs  of our website.
  • Blogs and articles should match the standards of the available articles. You must match the detailing and quality of the content.
  • The articles should be facts based and researched deeply beforehand.
  • Highlight the main points using different types of bullets. But don’t use it unnecessarily.
  • Use relevant photographs, but even if you forget to add some then we will make sure to upload it with relevant images.


What to avoid :-

  • Do not repeat any blogs or articles for guest posting as we will not entertain such content.
  • Do not use any hyperlinks to the details of your products and services offered in the blogs or articles.
  • The content should not be stretched unnecessarily as it decreases the content quality.
  • Copied blogs and articles will not be published because of the copy right issues.
  • Content using any information or references which breach the Google policy will not be accepted.
  • Blogs and articles should not contain any over-promotional hyperlinks in the content.


How to add Blog :-

  • Open the Web Browser and write the in the URL .
  • Click on login link at the right side corner the image will come . 
  • Or
  • Click here…
  • Or
  • If  you are already user of dearbloggers, just fill the Username and Password details into the particular Text Box. Then click on Login button.
  • If you are a new user then click here that is Register a new member. After clicking on this you will get below screen form that you have to fill to become a member of DearBloggers.
  • After filling this short form you will be member of
  • After register process you can login with your created login details.
  • After login you can see at rightside corner your edit profile page
  • Click here…
  • You have to go to Edit Profile to complete your profile .
  • For writing an Blog, then you will find your all blogs written, here you can edit any blog that is already written by you.