03 best bearded trimmer, according to hairdressers and boys with the best beards

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03 best bearded trimmer, according to hairdressers and boys with the best beards

Before digging into  beard pieces below, some of the wisest pearls come from our beauty of ways to use them better. First, cut only when your beard is dry. "If you cut it wet, you can't tell how long it will be dry," explains Mark Miguez, co-owner and barber at Friend of a Barber in New York City. If you are new to the tools, experts also start with long-distance monitoring or dial setting when you cut as another way to make sure you don’t cut your facial hair too short. And finally, in addition to cleaning your blade trimmer after each use (most of the below), you should also wash your face when you finish, too. As Rob Mac of Mildred New York told us, "Shaving is still being trimmed," and you're likely to have some curly hair and later stretched skin that can benefit from good cleansing.

The best beard trimmers

1- Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

The seven makeup experts we spoke to said that Wahl's Cordless Magic Clip could be the most powerful, sharp and talented beard on the market. "It gets the job done whether your beard is long or short," said Yellow Barber founder Sam Buffa, citing the fact that it comes with many (but not too many) bodyguards to find the right length. He also told us that the quality of the Wahl metal makes this cut a "big bang for your jacket" compared to other models at similar prices, as Wahl's blades stay sharp for longer, according to Buffa. Miles Wood Smith, a barber in Murdock London, is one of the devotees of the Microsoft Clip, which he recommends for its simple combination of strength and power (these features make the Microsoft Clip wireless one of the best haircuts, too, according to hairdressers). "It's important to use a razor that is strong enough to cut your hair regularly, but also one that is light enough to be able to move around with your beard by hand," said Wood Smith, adding that he likes to use this for both himself and his clients at work. "The top product you can have if you want to re-create a haircut in your home," he said, a statement echoed by fashion author Neil Cohen, Miguez, and Alejandro "AJ" Albano, a hairdresser in Tuft NYC.

Note that, like electric razors, we have found that professionals sometimes use a beard that looks different than what you would see in a trading post or a drug store shelf. Experts who recommend this one promise are no reason it won’t work for anyone, other than their cutting experience (say, podcast manager Ronnie Parisella told us he was using a Magic Clip on his chin). But there are many options on this list that nonprofit experts swear by, too. Also: In finding the right trimmer, the most important thing to consider is how strong your beard is, according to barber Julien Howard (aka Velo Barber), who claims to have seen guys of all races with beards of all hair types. Howard says this and other cutting products like Wahl, Andis, Philips Norelco, and Oster usually have cars and blades strong enough to handle the most brilliant beard hair (or whatever is beautiful, too).

2- Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper / Trimmer (Thread)

When we asked Miguez how he kept his client's beard, style writer David Coggins, so young, told us that his tool he would use was Peanut Clipper tied with Wahl. It's cheaper than the Magical Clip, but that's why he loves it - Miguez says that, in his opinion, wireless cutters are overcrowded. "I find that the barrels you can attach to the wall have the power to last for years, compared to wireless ones as the battery gets worse." Aside from having a string, the other two things she loves about Peanut is that it has the quality of any Wahl product and comes with four “good length” attachments for cutting a beard in the woods in the winter to Astroturf in the summer. Peanut is also Chris Black's favorite beard piece, which he praised for being "cheap, reliable, and well-suited to your Dopp designer kit." If you prefer wireless tools, Peanut also comes with a wireless version (while Wahl also makes a wireless version of the Magic Clip above anyone who would like that, too).

3- Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 Cleaning Machine

While makeup experts spoke to Wahl in an amazing way as their favorite hairdresser, it was Phillips Norelco who received the most praise from the bearded boys we talked to about their favorite tools. This observes the barber David Kim, who tells us that amateur cutters “can often rely on Philips Norelco's inexpensive products to work well and keep the beard clean, as long as it does not try to do something complicated or fun.” Philips Norelco's scene, in particular, has even been praised by less than five boys. Fashion writer Cohen is a fan, like stunt actor Adam Rinn and DJ-slash - digital strategist Mac Joseph, who has told us that he loves this haircut with a relaxing feature that sucks a lot of your hair as you go, which means there is less cleaning so less chances. with your roommates or partners in the state of your sink. “I’m black, so my hair is twisted and it goes all over the place,” Joseph said. "The machine is very important to me, because I share it in the bathroom."

Conrad Quilty-Harper, editor of New Scientist, also uses this at home because "the machine means less dirt while I cut." Joseph, who told us that he also bought his father one of these items, adds that he loves the way the barber's diary has clear, easy-to-read settings to set the length of its tool. “I’m as blind as a bat, so if I didn’t wear my glasses, I would disrupt the shaving settings,” she said. "The show in this case is beautiful and bold." While Strategist contributor Kurt Soller was experimenting with beard cutting, this was his favorite and, for many similar reasons that others liked it, including its radial dialing with a 0.5 mm increase, and a “godsend” sucking feature that collects up to up to 1 percent 90 hair, according to the company. "