10 Tips on How to Save Money for Travel

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10 Tips on How to Save Money for Travel

Everyone loves the traveling idea but not everyone travels. The difference? Priority. Traveling is not as costly as you think but that doesn’t mean it comes free. It is neither wealth nor about luck. You have to make huge sacrifices in life if you are serious you want to travel. Cut some of the unnecessary expenses in your life and realize your dreams.

Saving is an art. It is also a decision. I know it already sounds easy but not everyone is willing to go to some saving levels. You might have to forget about designer clothes and eating out to make it for the next trip.

There are no special human being or magic in this. You can do it too; you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Here are some tips.


Figure out where you spend all your money by tracking all the purchases and payments throughout the month. You will need at least two months to establish a regular pattern. It is the starting point for making crucial saving ideas. This is where you set priorities.

Sell property

Yes. You obviously have several items in your boxes and garage that you no longer find useful. Also, the closet might be full of clothes you don’t find stylish or appropriate. Depending on the number of items and your marketing skills, you can use online platforms or advertise for a garage sale. Selling unwanted property increases your saving significantly.

Don’t buy

I know it is beginning to sound too harsh but it is necessary if you intend to be a regular traveler. Whenever anything breaks down, your first option should be fixing. New gadgets and clothes should be out of the picture. It is not an easy decision but you can do it with determination. Evaluate yourself whether you really need an item before you buy.

Cut on fun

Take advantage of free admissions and offers if you have to visit a place. Avoid peak periods and seasons. Most people spend a lot on entertainment that includes eating out with friends. If you have to meet up, invite them over and cook. Find out other ways of having fun without spending.

Bank account

With the increasing competition in the banking industry, customers have a lot to benefit in terms of interest rates and low fees. In fact, you should not pay for monthly fees for your bank account. Find an account with good interest rates. Also, you should not be charged for checking your balances.

Automatic savings

The goal of budgeting is to come up with a figure you can comfortably save. It is never easy to lock in money, let your bank do it for you. Instruct the bank to automatically transfer a given amount to save every month. It can be weekly or every two weeks depending on your income frequency or preferences.

Cut cable costs

 Instead of spending every month on cable that you may not be used as much because of your intended travel lifestyle, cut it and stick to the internet. The Internet is a great resource even when planning for a trip. If you must watch TV, you can live stream. Be sure turn off lights when not in use, dry clothes in summer, use CFL light bulbs, and wash dishes by hand to save on utility bills.

Stick to a shopping list

Be a friend to the grocery, let your meal plans be on healthy foods rather than processed foods. It is not only healthy but also cheap. Cook more than you need for one meal and carry the excess to work the next day. It saves on lunch costs and snacking in the middle of the day. Also, consider buying in bulk from online sites with no membership fee.


If it is possible to stop the gifting tradition. Let people know you will not be sending gifts before the holiday and they probably won’t send it too hence saving you the guilt. However, if you have to send gifts (sometimes you have to), consider DIY techniques. Don’t buy any item for a gift, make it at home. You will be surprised at how much you can be creative.


If you are a member of any online site or pay the membership fee for magazines or a sports club, it is time you pull it down. Don’t worry, you don’t have to explain to friends, and family, you can do it quietly. Cut on the monthly gym expenditures; you can exercise your body adequately without spending a dime. Exercise is key and not going to the gym does not mean you relax on it; use the same time to walk, run, or cycle for manageable distances. Exercise is about consistency not much about the energy used at the time.

Travelers make a lot of sacrifices and you can do it too. Irrespective of your income level, consider the above tips and you will be amazed by the amount of money in your bank account by the end of the year. With time, you can make regular trips. To be honest, starting out won’t be easy, but it is possible. You can still live a modest life without the mentioned elements.

Written By Rituraj Bhuyan

Rituraj Bhuyan is an entrepreneur and the main blogger behind   https://travelguruji.com/

He aspires to travel the world one day, one country at a time.