10 Tips to make an effective eCommerce website

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10 Tips to make an effective eCommerce website

Nowadays online presence is so important for any online business that can be a bike or motor repair store. This type of store not having any online platform for marketing but online presence increases the sales rapidly. A study shows that 90% of consumers are searching online to get their service from the local market. 6% of consumers are B2B buyers; they go for online searching for their accommodated service.

To build a website is not difficult today but it was tough earlier. There are many companies and other platforms who are offering web development services at a lower price. You have to just select your design from many templates and develop the theme from the web design and development company.

1. Prepare yourself to build a website

You can think of your website as the digital platform of your business. Websites will be easy for your customers to find out products or services. They need accurate information and services about what they are looking for. If you have one more website then link between them. Separate your website based on your service or product so that your customers find their desired product or service easily.

If you have already a website but you are not happy with that then you can develop by hiring an experienced web developer. A website is always a development process, when you need extra function then you have to get help from your developer.

2. Choose a short domain name

A domain is the address of your website on the Internet. People will use it for any time to search your site to purchase or get your service. You have to know how people type in the browser's address bar to go to their websites. People may search (such as www.youtube.com). So choose your domain name like www.beautyproduct.com, www.webbusiness.com. Select your domain name short so that people can remember and find it easily on the web. Conduct with your developer to manage your website hosting that you need to upload a huge amount of file to showcase your pages.

3. Create a website for your customer

It is important that your business website would be build based on your target customers. Your business promotes your service or product and explains your business status and brings values to you. Your website would be a complete solution for your target customer so that they find everything there. This will bring huge business values for your company.

4. Make your website professional

Your eCommerce website should be a complete solution so you don’t make it like a business brochure. Build it professionally to attract your customers to promote your product. Build your website in a way so that people visit your website not only buys the product but also visit to learn something. You experience will focus your idea through your website and would maintain your business status or standard. So make your website so looks professional.

To do this, follow these tips:

  • Make your navigation bar is intuitive
  • Avoid auto-play music or video
  • Avoid full-screen popup that forces users into an experience
  • Make your website pages interconnect with internal links
  • Make your website desktop and mobile responsive

5. Use original web content

After completing a complete web design then you need to develop the website for longer purposes. Original web content would be so important for your marketing strategy. You have to do SEO to reach your target customer. Nowadays without content, you are nothing gonna doing on online marketing. When the term comes online marketing it means you have to spend money and time on valuable content. Without content, you have nothing to market your product or service. It is even impossible to rank your site on any search engine like Google, Bingo, yahoo and so no. 

6. Easy navigation for visitors to engage

With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website, your users are more likely to receive the information they need to follow. Your website is not just a brochure, it is a channel through which potential customers can engage and interact with your business. An easy navigation bar helps customers to select their necessary products and make a decision to purchase.

7. Build a mobile responsive website

Outer Box reported that in 2012, more than 63 percent of shoppers made purchases using their cell phones. In 2016 a report shows that more than 90% of shoppers use their smartphones while in retail stores to compare prices and review products.  40% customer has a bad experience with a mobile website. To develop your websites that fit for any desktop screen size and mobile. If you want to be successful in your eCommerce business you have maintained your standard for your mobile users. You have to update your blog including new content and updates about your business and other competitors.

8. Make your website easy to searchable

You need to have a domain name that describes your business. It is necessary while people searching your website on the search engine. Easy name people can remember and that's the reason they again visit your website for the next purchase. An effective website name increases your sales and able to promote your business more. To learn more about what makes an effective domain name, you can read different articles on the web. Just keep in mind that web name would be short and easily discoverable for anyone from any part of the world.

9. Highlight your contact information

It is necessary to put your contact information at top of your website. It would make sense a trust for your customers to enhance their confidence. It will generate more sales and it is an intangible asset for your business. Most of the customers make contact to be sure whether people working with the website or after lunching they have left it. Many people read blogs about whether to check update information about your business. All the important members of your website would be visible on your site with even pictures, message as well. You can add a social media button so that customers directly can contact though they're using social platforms.

10. Keep your web-pages simple

Make your web pages so simple and understandable otherwise, it will disturb your customer to stay on the page. The complicated page makes noise on customer's eyes to ignore the page. The color and content combination is really important as you look for. Paul Bowles is a journalist who said readers need to be able to put information into context. Too much information on a page is making confusion customer's minds and makes it unable to hold new information. Make sure you have a combination and balance of text and enough graphics. If your content does not meet the purpose of the page, then delete it from the page.

11. Avoid misleading information

Misinformation will stop consumers to come back to your site. Be sure about any incorrect number, outdated product information or general grammatical error on your site. Before posting your content check it two-three times to avoid any mistakes. Customer's eyes work like an eagle’s eye so any mistake may occur to leave your page. Update content depending on your product and the current service that you are providing.

12. Speed up your website

Website speed is undoubtedly important for your visitors. If your website takes more than 6 seconds to load then visitors would not stay on your website. Three percent of Americans said in a survey that they had a negative response with brands that have buggy websites and apps. And five percent said that slower websites cause negative feedback on their brand or organization.  Furthermore, 20 percent of respondents said that if they take too long to visit the first page, they will go to the competitor's website. So, make sure your website is running smoothly by updating the update software, adapting videos and images for faster downloads and using a website host that can handle your bandwidth claims.

13. Highlight call to action button

Every page of your website should prompt the reader to do something like call, sign up for a service, buy a product, and download a pdf page. Be sure to have a button, a link, or a clear spell for action. If possible, place it on the top of the page. Make sure that your customers won't need to scroll down your page to get those buttons. Highlight all-action buttons by combine eye attractive colors. If you offer sometimes any discount option then place a button that eye cache to make the customer a purchase decision.

14. Secure your website and customer information

If you have launched your website and have done your best to ensure its success then don't overlock the term "website security". Cyber-attacks cause expensive cleanliness, damage your reputation and discourage visitors to ignore the site. Fortunately, you can prevent them from all with effective website security. Search on Google about "website security" and get help to ensure that your websites aren't taken down by a cyber attack.

15. Personalize data to public or private

Maintain your website privacy from settings. You can manage it anytime to publish or hide your information. Every business has some important data that never gonna be disclosed to the public. If you have any important data that you have uploaded on your website but you want to publish later then make it private. Companies want to stay competitive in the modern landscape so without any benefit you don't need to publish your data.

Ending words:

In the Modern day without any website, it is not possible to run an eCommerce business successfully. There are included 15 tips above to make your first eCommerce website to showcase your products. Keep your mind all the tips you need to make a world standard website. Your website would be attractive so that customer grasps it easily. Eye cache design and original content make your eCommerce business successful in your arena. I wish all the best for your new website to establish a brand eCommerce site. Moreover, you can contact www.webtech.com.bd a reputed web development company in Bangladesh. They have expert teams that are experienced for a long. They give their best effort and make eye cache website to engage more people.