3 Essential Proofreading Tips For Bloggers and Content Writers

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3 Essential Proofreading Tips For Bloggers and Content Writers

Generally, content writers (whether they are webmasters, bloggers or students, overlook the importance of proofreading—an integral part of the writing process. Nobody wants to read an error-riddled article, blog, advertising copy, essay or any other form of writing.  I have worked at anEnglish proofreading and editing serviceand know from first-hand experience, people who cared about their personal image that their writing reflected were the ones that usually made orders.

However, it also remains the fact that there are only a few people who really understand the importance of error-free and clear writing. In this article, I have talked about easy steps that anybody can take to become a better writer themselves.

Keep in mind, once you have mastered the art of proofreading your writing, you will not need to pay other professional services a dime for correcting your language mistakes and errors that may result in readers’ bouncing off your website and deduction in your written essay. Your readers will not take you seriously if there are too many language errors in your writing.

Absolute Mastery Over the English Language

Good proofreading requires exceptional English language skills. Since you are a writer yourself, chances are that your English is at an acceptable level, if not necessarily excellent.  The professional writers who have the job of writing daily somehow learn to polish their language skills through constant writing. The best way to further advance your English grammar and overall language skills is by reading the best writers out there. For example, if you write for a newspaper, you should be constantly reading the top journalistic magazines, newspapers such as the New York Times, Forbes, Time Magazine etc.

A good reader always makes a good writer. You have to be a ferocious reader in order to gain absolute mastery over your writing skills. Also, keep a grammar exercise book with you. Whenever you have spare time, do the exercises to sharpen your grammar skills including subject-verb agreement, punctuations, the use of articles etc.

Good grammar and language skills will help you detect errors in your writing and you will have the opportunity to correct and perfect your work accordingly. A lot of people might sulk at the idea of going back to old-school grammar books but my experience taught me that even the most boring grammar book exercises to help you greatly in improving your language.

Take Time to Read your Work Multiple Times

When we are writing ourselves, we often tend to leave the most glaring and silly errors in our piece that can only be detected after a couple of checks and readings.  Make a habit of reading and re-reading your work multiple times to make sure your writing is free from errors and mistakes that could otherwise be corrected. For example, if you have exhausted yourself by writing a long piece, the advice is to take rest and do not rush towards correcting your errors. Start correcting your work in the next sitting after you have refreshed and reset your working brain.

Focus and Clarity

Focus and clarity are the two most demanding traits that you need to possess to be able to proofread your work impeccably. The nature of proofreading is to clear out and weed out the silly mistakes in writing and bring clarity and focus to the content you have produced.

The best way to introduce focus and clarity is to make sure you are not always rushing to submit, publish or show your writing to people. For example, if you have to deliver your written piece within the next 48-hours, make it ready within 24-hours. Once the writing work has been done, you need to have extra time to proofread your work clearly and it takes time.

By following all the steps mentioned in this article, you can rest assured that your written work is always on top, correct and impeccable. It does not discourage or embarrass your readers. Happy proofreading!