3 Reasons Why Rovinj is the Prettiest City in Croatia

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3 Reasons Why Rovinj is the Prettiest City in Croatia

To Istria’s western coast lies the quiet town of Rovinj which was once known for little more than being a delightful fishing port. While it is still pretty much an excellent fishing port, the bewitching appeal of the coastal town has not gone unnoticed. In fact, across many circles, it is considered to be Dalmatia’s most beautiful city. Here’s exactly why that is the case:

1) Well-organized streets of cobbled walkways
Modern metropolis cities are usually a culmination of loud noises, mammoth crowds of people competing with traffic for a share of the road and street vendors eking out a corner of space wherever they can to sell merchandise. But not this peace-loving little town which offers the extreme opposite of what you’ll find in most urban hubs.

Cars are practically unheard of with bicycles being the preferred mode of transport in a town that has heavily benefited from being declared a car-free zone. The streets are well organized with vibrant flowers on either side of cobbled platforms that'll have you literally walking down the memory lane of ancient pathways. The streets are also never dirty- and rarely crowded- boasting the clean and rustic appeal of the perfect town. Grisia Street is the most popular boasting a cobbled layout adorned with souvenir stores and galleries.

2) Colorful and well preserved past-century cityscape
Pastel-colored Venetian buildings rise up from the shiny marble streets with origin stories winding back more than two hundred years yet the architecture stands beautiful and elegant as ever before. They have not escaped the consequences of aging with the structures weather-beaten by decades of battles with the elements, but they have aged like fine wine remaining well-preserved but still showing signs of a time long before ours.

Remnants of a distant generation still beautifully decorate the streets the pinnacle of which is the popular St Euphemia Church that is visible on arrival as a bell-tower church on a hill surrounded by a gathering of trees. The Old Town hall clock is also a notable highlight and it is located in a picturesque square taken over by endearing cafés and restaurants.

3) That sleek coastal appeal
When you approach Rovinj by sea, its coastal brilliance shines from afar like a full moon on the darkest of nights. The transparent turquoise water that surrounds the small fisherman town provides mirror-esque reflections of the vibrant cityscape whose colorful shades are well complimented by the radiant tones of the sea.

The alluring offshore reveals 14 islands for you to discover while it serves up an enticing sandy beach for which Croatia’s coastal towns have become famous for the world over. Characterized by dramatic cliffs perfect for plunging headfirst from great heights and water so clear that you can see the bottom, the coastline is one that leaves an ever-lasting mental imprint.

Rovinj is a heavenly location in Croatia that is perfect for settling down in. It’s one of the best places to consider if you’re looking for a good house for sale in Croatia as it is a town with an abundance of idyllic scenery and lots of tranquility. It offers a taste of past life in a city wonderfully cut out from the suffocation of modernity.