4 Most Popular Types Of Basketball Flooring

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4 Most Popular Types Of Basketball Flooring

With an average viewership count of million for every NBA game, basketball tops the chart for being the most popular sports in the whole of the United States. However, not just the US, this incredible, high-endurance ballgame has garnered an acceptance across the entire planet. With fans regarding the game as a phenomenal way of living, there is no denying the fact that basketball has effectively become a popular lifestyle that pierces through the boundaries of culture and social status. 

Moreover, the popularity of the game is actively backed by its followers who devote a significant space of their backyard in setting up a basketball flooring that can be used for a routine ballgame every weekend. Well, we all know how the professional basketball courts are made of high-quality hardwood that offers great bounce and hops to the players. 

However, not all basketball courts are made same, backyard basketball courts are made different from the professional basketball flooring as individuals are restricted by the several limitations of budget, permissions, and space. 

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Moving further we strive to divulge more about the 4 most popular types of basketball surfaces. 

Hardcourt or outside courts 

This is easily the most accessible basketball court surface type that you would come across locally, and the fact that hardcourts offer long-term durability makes it an ideal choice for setting up near community halls or parks. Almost all the superstar basketball players start their journey from playing on a hard court, and even though they are incredibly durable, still lack of maintenance can lead to dent and cracks which consequently leading to grave injuries. 

Moreover, as we know that basketball is a tough game where slip and fall are quite common, thus a hardcourt player has to be prepared for handling routine cuts and bruises. Even though hardcourts still remain the most reasonable and cost-effective court surface, but the severe safety problems also can't be completely ignored. 

Synthetic court surface 

An extremely popular court surface in lawn tennis also, the synthetic court surface is realistically more safe than a hardcourt, but still, it's incredibly less comfortable than a premium quality hardwood court. Synthetic surfaces are layered with a thick coating of factory rubber that effectively furnishes the court with a shock absorption ability that is quite similar to the hardwood court. 

Also, the synthetic surfaces are crafted with the help of polypropylene plastic which is coated over a concrete surface, and the solid layer of polypropylene combined with factory rubber equips the court with a certain degree of bounce and protection. The rubber and plastic protection reduces the risk of injury as the effective shock absorbers successfully consume the impact of all the slip and fall instance. 

Hardwood court surface 

Easily the most brilliant and sought after basketball flooring after. Millions of athletes dream all their lives to play on a professional basketball court that is created with high-quality hardwood that offers a great degree of bounce and hop. The molecules of such impeccably crafted hard maple courts are closely packed and they don't allow any dust particles to settle in between the different layers of wood. Moreover, their efficient dust and dirt resistant characteristics charge them with long-term durability and strength. 

However, various hardwood court crafters dupe the customer by using synthetic, low-quality wood that does drastically affects your ballgame experience. Therefore, it's imperative to seek the consultation of a reliable hardwood basketball flooring curator that would help curate a professional basketball experience in your local backyard. 

Multi-purpose court 

As the name suggests, the court surface is crafted using multi-purpose plastic over a consistent layer of concrete surface. Just like, synthetic courts, multi-purpose courts are furnished with a thick layer of polypropylene that provides the surface with a certain level of bounce. Furthermore, these multi-purpose courts can effectively be utilized for playing tennis, football, hockey, or even volleyball. 

Even though such highly versatile courts are set-up in community establishments where a single court can be used to fulfil the sporting desire of the large group, still multi-purpose courts can also be installed in a home for maximal experience. Just like the hardcourt, multi-purpose courts pose a level of safety concern that can't be neglected. 

After comprehensively understanding the "ins and outs" of different basketball courts, it can be safe to state that hardwood basketball courts are the perfect ballgame surfaces that should be installed by seeking the assistance of a dependable basketball flooring manufacturer who will share your passion for basketball and will help create a professional NBA-like experience.