5 Amazing Benefits of Desi Ghee you are not aware of

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5 Amazing Benefits of Desi Ghee you are not aware of

Desi Ghee is marked as a pure blessing according to the Ayurveda. It is used in everything from Dal and Khichdi to the traditional Indian sweets. Even in modern science, Desi Ghee is explained healthy as it contains good fats for our body. Swapping Ghee with cheap edible or vegetable oils is not a wise deal as they contain some saturated fats and bad cholesterol.

Apart from good fats, Desi Ghee offers myriads of other health benefits that are mentioned below:

Great source of energy

It is scientifically proven that Ghee is a good source of energy as it contains medium and short-chain fatty acids. According to Ayurveda and Indian culture, Pure Ghee Laddoos are suggested to the nursing women. Also, pure ghee is suggested to the people who are skinny or suffering from the underweight problem.

Contains good fat

Doing exercise and avoiding fats is not the best way to lose weight. It means you are cutting down on good fats from your body. If you are on a purpose of losing some kilos, you must use a spoon of pure ghee in your daily lentils or vegetables to maintain good quality fats in your body. Good and healthy fats maintain good cholesterol level in your blood, which keeps your heart healthy and stress-free.

Applying Desi Ghee on Rotis decreases Glycemic Index

Spreading Ghee over Rotis and Paranthas has been an old tradition in our country. It fulfils both the purposes; Taste as well as the nutritional value of the food. Some studies explain that spreading ghee over Rotis can cut down the glycemic index of the chapatti, which helps to maintain glucose levels in our blood.

Eases in Constipation

If you are having constipation problem, then pure Ghee can help you well to improve your bowel movement. It is said that consuming a cup of hot milk with 1 spoon ghee in it can help you to get rid of the constipation problem.

Keeps your heart healthy

Generally, people say that Ghee is not good for your heart health. However, many studies have proven that consuming ghee in limited quantity boosts our heart health for sure. As the book “Healing Foods” suggest that the fats present in ghee are not considered bad for our heart, we can consume ghee every day in limited quantity. Various studies have shown that consuming Ghee in limited quantity lower down the bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in our blood. One of the best Pure Desi Ghee products available in the market, Nutrimoo promises for the quality and freshness as the brand understands the importance of healthy food and good health. The brand is linked directly to the village farms for collecting freshly extracted Ghee in its packing unit. After that, multiple quality checks ensure the rest of the freshness and purity doubts to leave a positive mark on its consumers.

Replace butter with Ghee in Soups

Almost tastes same, butter can be replaced with Ghee to make soups healthy and delicious. Soups can be consumed everyday in winters. After reading the benefits of Ghee, you all want to know where to purchase the pure Ghee for the benefits of our health. There are varieties of Ghee available in the market within the price range of INR 300-400. It is almost impossible to pack 1 litre of Ghee within the range of this amount. If a local farmer sells 1 litre of Ghee with the minimum price of INR 600, then you must research to find a brand that ensures the original quality of Ghee around this much of amount.