5 Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies

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5 Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies

Although the creation of unbreakable cars is still just a pipe dream, the Auto Repair technological industry is all but silent. Today we will be talking about technologies such as super glasses, which can master the type of error and diagnosing more than a hundred kilometers from the car workshop and other devices.

Pure Diesel Powerholds the largest exhibition for automotive services and automotive engineering that takes place every two years. Days in advance our correspondent saw a selection of tomorrow's most interesting SRT devices.

Augmented Reality Glasses

These glasses with increased reality diagnostics and mechanics will use prompts to save time. Previously "informed" about the automotive model used by the vehicle engineer "recognize" the glasses themselves with the node and use the integrated lenses with a menu of tips and commands for the repaired vehicle system. Instead of a computer mouse, the service technician has an Epson touch screen for portable mini computers connected to the vehicle's diagnostic plug (OBD) via Bluetooth.

With the help of the touchpad, the mechanic clicks on the necessary menu items that are projected before his eyes. For example, glasses with a touchscreen and a special software help the operator not be distracted by the problem node on the monitor or the computer's manual repair manual.

This is particularly important when working in a tight space with air conditioning under the dashboard, in the trunk or in the corner of the motor space. The device promises to be reasonably affordable for an average hand station, although Texa has not yet announced its price, the price of the equipment is known, it is essentially about Epson MoverioBT-200 game glasses with a price of about $700.

Remote Car Service

Automatic remote maintenance You do not need to go to the service station to fix technical problems. Specialists can do without anything without having to wait for a call. In the near future, all cars can be equipped with such a useful "black box" as the TMD MK3 Pnp developed by the same Italian Texa. 

Unlike the famous Black Boxes, this device is not only a witness of events but also an active participant. It is currently the most advanced option, particularly compact for remotely controlling a vehicle and remotely diagnosing its systems.

The module, which is installed directly in the OBD diagnostic connector, also collects auto repair information from its own integrated sensors (a pair of accelerometers, altimeter, gyroscope, GPS / GLONASS / Galileo) and has accurate data on the location of the vehicle under control, speed and Driving mode, tilting body, etc. The mobile communication channel GSM / 2G / 3G / 4G maintains contact with the control center so that it can monitor and even disturb the operation of the vehicle system with TMD MK3 Pnp.

By involving the operator remotely in the work of the vehicle, you can quickly respond to accidents, delays, breakdowns, direct repair teams and spare parts at the breakdown point of the vehicle as well as to remote repair control systems.

Fewer Tire problems

One of the weaknesses of the current car is the tires. The new VDO REDI tire sensor reduces maintenance costs for low-cost vehicle owners. His "tour" with universality and more security.

First, the sensor is designed to work with the vehicle's standard tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) system. It is already being delivered programmed for one of the three brand groups.

Second, Pure diesel power is not usually attached to the tire valve, but glued to the inner surface of the racing carpet, where it is better protected from mechanical damage. In addition, the use of this tire with the sensor is independent of the wheel type. The rubber sensor can be reused when replacing. Worn tires can be easily removed and new ones used. The price of the new sensor has not yet been announced but will be lower than previous analogs, reducing the model range to three, reducing warehousing and logistics costs, and eliminating the need for reprogramming.

Control of electronic assistants

Electronic assistance systems that allow the driver to better control the vehicle on the road (ABS, ESP, Brake Assist, skid resistance, slip resistance, etc.) require extended maintenance and repair. They have been diagnosed by road tests or by exchanging all "suspect nodes” one after the other. The German service equipment manufacturer of Maha has created a booth where you can test the electronic assistants directly in a warm - box service station.


Special cross-section drums not only mimic well-known modes such as linear acceleration and braking of a car, but also the movement of a car. They maneuver in all turns and at speeds of up to 80 km / h. For example, the test results for each wheel are displayed in the form of numbers and charts on the screen of the Windows device.

The Maha MFP 3000 Stand Price is not available. The Maha-Lift itself, on the basis of which the system was built, together with all additional modules is expensive software. According to the developers, the stand will acquire a gas station in the US as well as in rich European countries and automotive companies.