5 Hot Trends in Managed IT Services to keep an eye on

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5 Hot Trends in Managed IT Services to keep an eye on

IT infrastructure has now become an essential part of every business. Gone are those days when using IT solutions was an option for organizations. In the current era, if a business is not able to adjust to the evolving IT landscape, then its survival in the industry will become difficult. But just using the best IT infrastructure is not enough as it also requires proper management and this is where managed IT services come into the picture

.Most of the small and medium-sized businesses have already more on their plates, and the additional workload of managing IT infrastructure makes the situation more complicated. But SMBs can offload all their IT management hassles on managed IT service providersand focus on their core businesses. From managed NOC services to firewall management, there is a wide range of IT managed services provided by MSPs. But just like any other IT service, new trends keep popping up in the field of managed IT services. So, let’s look at the five hot trends in managed IT services to keep an eye on.

1. Adoption of ‘security first’ approach

The user of a managed IT service thinks that the latter will take care of the safety and security of his IT infrastructure. But because of the growing cases of cyberattacks and their increasing severity, businesses have now become more concerned about the security of their IT infrastructure. This has led MSPs to adopt a ‘security-first’ approach. In this type of approach, the MSP keeps the security and safety of the client’s IT infrastructure and data as the main priority. By putting more endeavors on the safety of the IT infrastructure, MSPs can become more trustworthy in the market.

2. Keeping tabs on IoT and blockchain

IT service providers in the industry can’t survive without keeping tabs on emerging technology and using them as soon as they become available. The same goes for managed IT services. New technologies like the Internet of Things and blockchain can open new doors of possibilities for MSPs. According to a study, it has been found that the number of IoT devices will increase by 22 billion by 2025. Businesses will surely not have the skills required to use these emerging technology, and as an MSP, you can fill this gap by acting as an early bird.

3. Increase in as-a-service technologies

Currently, as-a-service technology is being used at an enormous scale by different businesses, but soon, we will witness both sudden growth and improvement in this field. Various as-a-service technologies like infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service will go through a phase of transformation that will increase their demand. 

By using as-a-service technology, businesses will be able to thrive on advantages like cost-effectiveness, scalability, availability, and flexibility. This will create better opportunities for managed IT service providers. By using the services of MSP, businesses will be able to shift to this subscription-based technologies without any hassle.

4. Focus on goal-oriented services

Now instead of the highlighted features on website and promises, clients will prefer a goal-oriented approach in managed IT service. All those managed IT service providers that will be able to provide better results will be able to get hold of a larger market share. Because of this shift, MSPs will be left with no other option than giving results through service. The goal-oriented services will become the main focus for clients, and this is why MSPs will need to develop their style and type of management they practice.

5. Cloud and automation

Organizations are now shifting from traditional business solutions to the cloud as it offers them a wide array of benefits. From cloud storage to cloud hosting and app development, different types of cloud applications are being used by businesses. Because of this shift, even MSPs will have to start focusing on cloud-based services. In addition to this, automation is also catching fire in every industry, and to become successful in the upcoming years, managed IT service providers will have to adopt all-new ways of automation.

To grow as an MSP, you will need to be prepared for the upcoming changes. The technological landscape will keep on changing, and to grow, you will have to give time to your IT professional to research on these emerging technologies and trends. Using the latest IT trend for clients will be the only way to get desirable results as a managed IT, service provider.