5 instagram features that will boost your business

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5 instagram features that will boost your business

Instagram is the game-changing ground for the businesses that are trying to boom. Once you are on Instagram not only will you be easily reachable for all the target audience but will also get a chance to enter their space and convince them why you are the best option. The closer you stay to your audience the more the audience tends to believe you. Here are some amazing ideas that will definitely help your business flourish.

1. Instagram Stories will make the best connect

Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with your target audience, they stay in for 24 hours and hence your audience is free to view them according to their leisure and also keep interacting with them so that they don’t really miss out on any of your stories because you will be displayed first. There are a few reasons for usingInstagram followersand one of these is they get a lot of visibility, not much focus on the actual content. You can just put up a clip of an image conveying your idea. Users can actively tag you in their stories as well and collabs will onlyincrease your audience reach. 

2. The next best idea is Instagram Live.

People actually connect to you better on video calls rather than on phones calls or messages and we have known this for a long time now. This is precisely what we have to do with Instagram Live- connect with your audience and followers this way not only will they feel connected but will also develop a trust in you that you are not a fake. But for that, it is important to plan your content and schedule it. Announce your Live sessions beforehand and increase their interest that will make them view you certainly.

3. Connect your website to your Instagram account- the less they search they more they view.

Basically, make things easier for them. Coz if they have to close Instagram and move to their browser to search you the battle is lost coz they will never do this. And also vice versa, if your website guides them to your Instagram account nothing better than that!! Basically, the idea is to make things easy not just for the audience but for you as well. This will enhance your reach.

4. Instagram Algorithm- you have all the rights to exploit it

Instagram Algorithm is at its best when employed properly. All you need to do is maintain your relationship with your audience, maintain audience engagement and also make sure you are connecting with them over all the ways possible. This will push your feed higher and higher in your target audience’s feed. Also, make sure to strategize and study the outcomes of your posts every time this will help you develop a better strategy like images with blue overtones generate 25% more likes!!

5. Push Notifications- keep your audience coming back to you

Despite the fact that this will require a great deal of shrewd promoting, it bodes well to drop in a suggestion to your devotees to choose message pop-ups for your feed. One strategy is: Make some clamor about a constrained amount of markdown coupons or selective substance you will discharge 'in the coming scarcely any days', and recommend your supporters to go for message pop-ups to not pass up the offer. Perpetually, they won't deactivate the pop-up messages at any point in the near future.

Running a business is a tough task and you have all the right in the world to use anything that makes your work even 1% easier.

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