5 Mistakes Of a Novice Bodybuilder

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5 Mistakes Of a Novice Bodybuilder

Do you want to be a bodybuilder or define your muscles? Do you want to be young again? If you are a teenager and have heard these words, you probably talk to a friend at the gym that is older than you and you have no idea what he means.

And it is that our own experience teaches us more and does it in the best way. Here is a list of the most basic mistakes made by inexperience. By avoiding them you will reach your goals faster.


This disorganization is most of the time due to the little we know of the exercises and strength training, dynamite and slows your progress. The development of structured training plays a crucial role. So I suggest you schedule your training beforehand and, if you don't know where to start, consult a professional.


I do not speak of a bad physical form, but of people who train their ego more than their muscles. We all know what kind of people I talk about, right? you see that person who begins to put discs or plates at his weight as if there were no tomorrow, to end up doing with them strange stunts that most likely end up triggering an injury .

Evaluate your abilities and remember that a correct and controlled technique is more important than lifting kilos and kilos. Be patient, the first will lead to the second.


I always say: physical exercise is a background race , not a sprint. To progress you must be consistent training, have patience and know that nothing is achieved easily and effortlessly, so perseverance and patience must be the basis of your mentality, and I do not speak only of the gym!

Many times I see beginners who get so excited with the initial results , but over time, when these results are less obvious and are no longer obvious, they despair , lose interest and leave it, or worse, seek help not so ... healthy.

Do not forget, perseverance, patience and the goal between eyebrow and eyebrow day and night. To get some better outcomes, you might want to get along with some great HGH injections likehumatrope 72 iu.


sleep in gymThe dream is one of the most important elements in the regeneration of the body . When you sleep your body generates the growth hormone, contributing to the regeneration and creation of muscle mass . A quality dream generates more energy the next day.

We all have busy days but remember that if your goal is to improve your fitness you should sleep 8 hours every day to get maximum regeneration. And this brings me to the following question:

Ok, you're young (or not) . Ok, you had a very hard week. Ok, you need to disconnect and you want to spend some leisure time with your friends. But you should realize that staying all night in the disco and without sleeping two nights in a row, it is possible that all the hard work you have done during the week will be ruined . I do not say that from now on you become a hermit who does not leave home, who only lives for and for his body, but you must anticipate that during so many hours of partying your body will need some nutrients, and nothing happens if you return home a little earlier instead of visiting the after shift. In any case, it all depends on how much you want to achieve your goals, this goes from priorities.


Many times, beginners in their eagerness to reach a desired body before , spend a lot of money or (sometimes more than they can afford) on products that they consider miraculous and that are nothing more than their name indicates: supplements of some guidelines and disciplines that although they can be beneficial, they are in no case miraculous.