5 Natural Sleep Aids that Work to Improve Sleep

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5 Natural Sleep Aids that Work to Improve Sleep

Sleep assists the body and the brain to function appropriately. Your memory, learning and decision-making and even creativity can be enhanced by a good night’s sleep.

What’s more getting ample amount of sleep has been linked to a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and stroke.

But in spite of the threatening results, both the quality and quantity of sleeping are an at an all time low, these days. Herein comes the need of the natural sleep aids.

The natural sleep aids are the natural methods that are designed to relive Insomnia in case of temporary delayed phases of sleep and circadian clock or chronic delayed sleep syndrome.

As they are natural, the natural sleep aids have much lesser intense side-effects than the prescription drugs or the Over-the-Counter products or the drugs that are prescribed.

Here are some of the natural sleep aids that can work towards improving your sleep. Just take a look.

  • Beneficial Drinks– Here we are not talking about alcohol or caffeine which can interfere with the sleep. Instead you should have chamomile tea, warm milk or tart cherry juice each of which is beneficial for the patients undergoing sleep trouble. Although it is not scientifically proven whether any of these truly aid towards inducing sleep, there is no problem in trying them. Afterall, these come without drug interactions or side-effects. Warm milk simulates the impact of tryptophan on the brain. This assists in the build-up of serotonin that triggers the sleep-wake cycle. Again, the chamomile tea consists of the flavonoids that interact with the benzodiazepine receptors which are involved in the sleep-wake transition. Unlike green tea, this variety of tea does not have caffeine. Lastly, tart cherry juice can support the production of melatonin and support the cycle of healthy sleep.

  • Valerian Root– The valerian root is a herb found in Europe and Asia which is used a natural treatment for the depression, anxiety and menopause symptoms. It is also hugely used for the promotion of sleep. Research has revealed that the sleep quality is improved by this ingredient although these are derived in a subjective way from the perspective of the patients who used this. Nevertheless, the short-term intake of the valerian roots is safer for adults with some rare side-effects like dizziness. So, you can try that as an adult despite the lack of objective findings. However, the lactating and pregnant women should not use this.

  • Melatonin– The melatonin is something that is produced in the brain’s pineal gland. It plays a significant role in regulating the circadian cycle and sleep rhythms. The synthetic melatonin is a popular supplement of diet which is sold as an antioxidant and a sleeping aid. It is an evidence that melatonin does away with the disorders of circadian rhythm like the jet lag and delayed sleep phase issues. But it is not known to improve the quality of sleep or Insomnia.

  • Working Out– The physical workout can enhance sleep. It has been witnessed that the moderate aerobic exercise can boost the nourishing slow wave that is essential for the deep sleep. But ensure that you go for it at the right time. The chemicals like the endorphins are released when you go for aerobic exercise. For the same reason, you will feel energized after going for a run. Not just that, it can also raise the core body temperature and this symbolises the body to get up. If there is problem in sleeping, you should not workout within a couple of hours of retiring to bed.

  • Magnesium– The magnesium is mineral included in hundreds of processes in the human body and it is essential for the health of the heart and the function of the brain. Added to that, magnesium can assist in quieting the body and the mind making it simpler to fall asleep. Magnesium regulates the production of melatonin that, as said earlier, helps to guide the sleep-wake cycle of the body. This is responsible for magnesium’s relaxing effect. Magnesium also assists to enhance the level of the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) of the brain. Studies show that insufficient amount of magnesium can make it difficult for you to sleep while increasing the intake of the same in the form of supplements which can optimise the quality and quantity of sleep.

If you are still not being able to sleep well, you should seek forbest snoring aidsand consult with your sleep specialist regarding any condition that is preventing you to sleep well at night.