5 reasons you should invest in the custom sleeve boxes

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5 reasons you should invest in the custom sleeve boxes

Never underestimate the influence of the packaging material:

It is very important to keep the products safe from any external damage so that they can make it up to the consumer’s end. Particularly, it is the brand loss if you fail to keep that packaging standard. Therefore, you can use the rigid custom sleeve boxes. The rigid boxes have the minimum thickness of the 32pt and is made of paper board and cardstock.

Moreover, the corrugated boxes have an extra fluted layer in between the two supporting walls that increase the resistibility of this material. Also, they are specifically made up of the paper board and cardboard.

Besides this, you can also opt for the cardstock packaging material. The cheap custom sleeve boxes are highly suitable for cosmetic products or food items. It also covers up for the multiple retail products and is available in 14pt to maximum 22pt.

Above all, the eco-friendly Kraft has become the center of attention in the packaging industry. The poor packaging and especially the plastic has played a huge role in disrupting our ecosystem. Such material stays in the environment and contributes towards hazardous climatic changes. Thus, to combat that the buyers prefer Kraft boxes as they are biodegradable. Also, these boxes are cheaper and can influence sales in massive amounts.

Have you noticed that you have the ultimate freedom to choose the packaging material according to your product? Of course, the dimension of every product varies from one another hence investing in the desired packaging material can bring you back more fortune. Also, it is a good way to satisfy your customers with the comfort of handling.

Get advantage of the customizations:

Customizing the boxes according to the specifications of your product can save you a lot of bucks. This works in a way that you won’t have to use the larger boxes for the smaller ones and vice versa like what happens in the past.

Bringing as much as innovation in the design of the box will create ease for the buyers and also engage them. Hence, you can use the sleeve boxes to showcase your products. It happens with certain products where you can go with only the bowl boxes such as the eggs.

Moreover, having locking tabs or additional hooks to add ribbons or to improve the display is encouraged. They make your products appealing and distinctive from others. Hence the custom sleeve boxes enhance the buyers' shopping experience and give your product a unique identity.

Similarly, the quality of the packaging material doesn’t ensure the safety of the product every time. Therefore, having additional inserts will provide a snuggly fitting to your product. It will be a particular feature that will not go unnoticed and the customer will appreciate your effort. The commonly in use inserts are blister, cardboard, paper, and foam.

Lure the buyers with tempting laminations:

You have to agree to the fact that the product looks incomplete without any lamination or final coating. Hence the coatings have an appealing effect on the buyers and they complement the product also. There are a couple of coatings that are available in the market such as:


It adds sheen to your custom printed sleeve boxes and is likable for the products like perfumes. You will notice a shiny reflection when the product is placed in the light. Also, it adds extravaganza to the products and thus is a good way to get some bucks out of the customer’s pocket.


Conversely, the matte polish has an entirely different effect on the products. It makes your product dull and you won’t notice any sheen when they are paced in light.


What if you want a combo of gloss and matte? Here is the “satin coat” to your rescue. It adds a glossy appearance to your product with a slight surface resistance and makes the sleeve packaging boxes enticing.

Which box style to choose?

Choosing the perfect box style is an important decision to consider. For sure it depends upon the specifications of the product but it equally depends upon you how to use the customizing feature well. Let’s get deeper into the reason behind this.

The boxes are shipped in a couple of ways such as flat view and gluing. Both of them have some Pros and cons. If you have solely glued boxes your shipping cost will increase but you will have your product ready to sell without any hustle.

Whereas choosing the flat view shipping method will lessen your shipping rate but you have to make an additional effort of fixing the boxes yourself. Do not worry there is double-sided tape or glue chips on the fixing flaps.

Wide range of add-ons that build product identity:

Do you want to make your product catchy and identifiable in a pool of similar products? Surely you wish for that. You can customize the custom sleeve boxes wholesale by adding details to your products. Here are a couple of add-ons that can help you in multiple ways.

Spot UV:

It is a technique through which you get the UV coating to a particular portion of your choice only. It is widely used when you wish that a certain thing should pop up on your packaging. Particularly the spot UV has varying levels of sheen and dull texture that gives it an edge over others.

Foil stamping:

The purpose of the festivity is incomplete without a sparky outlook. Hence you can customize such sleeve boxes with the foil stamping. Interestingly you are not restricted to only gold or silver rather you can use any color if you want.


It is observed that the buyers leave such products that are not consumer-friendly. Hence if you focus on the sales rate more, then getting a window is a good marketing strategy. It will give them a quick snap of the product and engage them for a longer time.

Therefore, you can use either window die-cut or window patching. However, the PVC window is more encouraging as it gives a peek into the product and keeps the product safe from any dirt.

Embossing or debossing:

An upward raised ink or a depression both will make your logo or slogan outstanding. Logo designing also led to international recognition of the brand. Thus, getting this will be favorable for you in any way.

Conclusively the market share rate of sleeve box packagingbooms with these efforts. All it does is make your product customer-friendly and make it stand out among others.

All under one roof:

The Cosmetic Boxes are known for their premium quality over the years and have all of the customizations you look for under one roof. You may have a look at their official website or customer service to learn more about cheap custom sleeve boxes. It is for sure that your investment in the custom packaging will be worth it!