5 Tips to Choose the Best Jewelry For Your Outfit

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5 Tips to Choose the Best Jewelry For Your Outfit

The right jewelry can bring the best out of you. It can make you look super stylish as well. Women who get the choice of jewellery right not only look great, but also feel awesome. Sadly, not many know the art of choosing the best jewellery for their outfit so the wrong selection forces them to look clumsy. Worse still, a mismatch between the outfit and jewelery can make you uncomfortable as well. It’s true that more people, especially women, are buying jewelry than before but that does not all of them get the choices right, at least when it comes to having a match for the outfit. This is where expert’s help or online search for ideas can help.

Here are some key tips for choosing the best jewelry for your outfit -

1. The size of the jewelry should match the outfit

Yes, the first rule of the game is, the size of your jewelry should be in proportion to the outfit. Choosing very small items means there will always be a risk of the outfit overshadowing it, therefore ruining the entire purpose in the first place. Second, choosing very large or bulky jewelry might make you look and feel clumsy.

Even if you want to buy small jewelleries, make sure they are simple to get well with the patterned outfit. And if you can’t resist the temptation of large jewelleries, then it’s always better to wear them on simple outfit.

2. The colour of the jewelery is equally important

Elegant and stylish look becomes a reality where women manage to strike a balance between the colour of their jewelery and outfit. The good thing, gold and silver jewelry is perfect for those ladies not able to decide which colour to choose as these items match almost all outfits. Similarly, black, white and grey jewelry will also match all outfit.

Further, it’s always a good decision to choose jewelry in the same colour family as the outfit, though many women prefer opposing colours as well such as green and purple. A good advice is, avoid jewelry with more than two colours else it may not match the outfits.

3. Choose jewelry to define your style

Your personality and style should be the key factors in choosing the jewelery of choice. Similarly, the selection can also be made based on the design of the outfit, the occasion and the accessories picked. That’s why a lot of women choose simple jewelry such as necklace and stud earrings to get a professional look.

In fact, wearing oversized jewelry is great when the wish is to create an edgy look while you can also count on chandelier earrings and bib necklaces for pulling off a glitzy look. Trying out different combinations before the event can help get the selection of jewelry right.

4. Match the jewelry with your skin tone

Matching jewelry with the outfit is never complete unless you do find jewelry according to the skin tone. Well, there will be some variations in skin tones of women and just few shades here and there. So, what jewelry works for one skin tone type may not suit the other and vice versa.

So, if you have cool toned skin tones silver is the definitely the item to go with and if the gold is perfect when you have warm skin tone with dark hair. Skin tone apart, it’s always advised to experiment with the look and try out jewelry in different color and shades to find the best one for the body.

5. Choose a centerpiece

Any simple outfit can be made to look stunning by choosing a centerpiece such as necklace, bracelet, earrings, solitaire pedants etc. Plus, there are beautiful necklaces which are considered the centrepieces of accessories. The necklace you wear should match the neckline of the dress or blouse to give you a fabulous look.

By following some of these simple tips, you can accessorize yourself and bring the best out of you on any day. You can also buy quality range of stainless steel jewelry online and be ready to grab the limelight at the next event. So, get your jewelry selection right and feel confident in your skin.