6 Benefits that Music Brings us in our Day to Day

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6 Benefits that Music Brings us in our Day to Day

We do everything to the rhythm of the music! It has the magical property of making us believe that we are Beyoncé in a moment but, most importantly, it helps us relax and release the stress of our day to day. And these are just some of the things that music does for us.

Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of music in people. Sonos, in particular, has done a survey of 12,000 people in 12 countries. In Spain specifically, 1,008 people between 18 and 55 years old, and were asked how music affects their lives, do you want to know what the results were? Here we are to share them with you:

1. It helps you connect and makes you more attractive

There was a percentage of 64% of people who think that thanks to gospel music, they connect more easily with the people around them and 88% who think it makes you more attractive. Come on, because you have the same musical taste as crush, you'll have it in the boat. But hey, that in the end this is like everything else: you have to always be true to your style, if you like Los Chunguitos, hey, and then stop without fear. Having personality also makes you attractive!

2. We are happier than a partridge

In the survey, 74% of people considered that they had a happy life and the truth that in Spain one lives very well, as if not to be happy. But it turns out that the percentage rises to 82% when it comes to people who listen between 7 and 10 hours of music a day, a lot! It is what we said, that we listen to music at any time of the day because it reduces stress levels, it is what lifts our spirits after having a regular day.

3. It makes us feel things

Music awakens emotions in us , be it happiness or sadness, that is a fact. There are people who get excited about these typical birthday videos with slow songs and if you add an intense lyrics… see you later. But we also go crazy in the disco dancing with friends. 36% said that music made them laugh meaninglessly and 40% recognized that music made them cry. They are super contradictory feelings and both are caused by music. The power he has over us is too much.

4. It helps you to be more productive in your tasks

Surely you've heard a friend (or yourself) say that he can't study if it's not with music. Well, no, he is not crazy, it turns out that 60% of respondents said that listening to music while studying or working helps them be much more productive. Why will this be? Maybe it's because being a task that maybe you don't want to do, it raises your spirits and helps you do it with more positivity. If you are not such people, try it and tell us in comments!

5. It motivates you to play sports

Ok, here the thing has been lost, because 96% of people who have taken the test say that whenever they play sports they listen to music. In addition, 55% help them to motivate themselves and 51% to do sports more intensely. Can you imagine being in the gym to the fullest and only listening to the gasp of the person next to you while running on the treadmill? What goes, what goes, helmets and butt with the cardio, which is gerund.

6. Help in sexual relations

This is indisputable, in Spain and in Beijing. 83% of Spaniards said that music helps them loose more in bed and, therefore, improve relationships. It is clear that choosing a good playlist, we assure you to have a momentous movie with your partner that you will never forget ;)