7 Special Drinks to Enjoy During Winters

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7 Special Drinks to Enjoy During Winters

The most awaiting season – winter brings so many options of wearing stunning clothes. Still, we cannot escape from those cruel chills outside our houses and office places. But, remember we have a lot of hot drinks to fight those shiver-giving chills. From the regular milk-tea to the hot chocolate, we may gorge-on many drinks during winters.

You know a few but let us introduce all of those hot drinks you are still unknown to:

Filter Coffee

Coffee lovers know it very well and cannot resist themselves of trying this South India special hot treat during winters. It’s a must try hot drink If you haven’t tried it yet.

Ginger Tea

No one says no to the ginger tea when asked in winters. It’s the first drink after waking-up in the morning during winters.

Mulled Wine

A blend of some spices in red wine offers a tasty Mulled Wine. It is served hot or warm to run some hotness in your veins during chilling winters.


Do not forget to try this famous and authentic Kashmiri Kahwa Tea during a chilly day in coming witners. The traditional tea is prepared with Kashmiri green tea powder, water, cinnamon, green cardamom, and saffron.

Hot milk with turmeric powder & Badam syrup

What can be better than a glass full of energy? A hot mug of milk with turmeric and Guruji Thandai Badam Syrup is great to kill the chills of winter in a healthy manner.

Hot Chocolate

A heated drink consisting of shaved chocolate is popular among chocolate lovers. This lip-smacking drink can be your favourite companion for winters.

Sulaimani Tea

A tea with an invigorating touch of lemon is a great gift from the Middle Eastern societies. It is made without milk, great with taste, and awesome to beat winters.

Do the rising temperatures during summers suck all of your energy? This is the time delicious thandai acts as a natural energy booster. Besides being an energy booster, it’s special ingredients keep your body fluids in control. Besides its limitation to providing the energy, the rose petals, saffron, and almonds, and so many natural ingredients are used to offer myriads of health benefits.

Let’s count on the health benefits offered by Jai Guruji Thandai

Boosts Energy

Your body loses so much water during walking or running in summer. But a glass of Guruji Thandai brings you back in action instantly. Rose petals or watermelon seeds are used in Thandai to act as a natural energizer. The addition of almonds and Pistachios ensures the feeling of fullness.

Improves Immunity

Not only as an energy booster, but thandai also improves the power of immunity. Ingredients like peppercorn and cloves can also be used in some of the thandai drinks as they are best to boost immunity and that too proven by Ayurveda. Saffron is also used to prepare Thandai drinks because of its anti-depressant and anti-oxidative properties. So don’t forget to try the glass of yum and energy.

Digestion Booster

Another reason to try this drink is to push your constipation away. The fennel seeds and rose petals used in thandai drinks help to improve digestion for sure. The thandai drinks keep your motion in control during the scorching heat of summers.

Relieves you from constipation

When poppy seeds Thandai is on, constipation is surely gone. The special ingredient helps you relieve from gastric and constipation problems for sure. Besides the benefit, these seeds are good to be used as good nutrition providers as they are full of protein, fiber, calcium, and minerals.


Other than the above benefits, thandai sharbats with fennel seeds can also help to cure flatulence. These seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that can really help to improve digestion.

So don’t forget to beat the heat of summers with the coolest collection of thandai sharbats available on the online store of JaiGuruji Thandai.