7 tips on how to get more followers on Instagram

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7 tips on how to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram and followers belong together like bad luck and sulfur. But building a (personal) brand is not an easy task. Often there is no one right way that everyone takes. Depending on the type and interests, other social media strategies are necessary. Nevertheless, there are some similarities that run like a red path through every Instagram profile. This gives you the opportunity to attract more subscribers and spread your message.

1. Profile picture

The right profile picture decides whether Instagram users click on the profile picture or not. It does not matter whether it is an actress or the newly founded startup. The profile picture must convince and attract attention. Only then are users ready to deal more closely with the person or brand. This first step is very important. Because only under this condition do users access their profile. Without this action, it is not possible to gain more followers and to convince them of them.

2. Instagram Bio

The profile description is also an important part of every Instagram profile. This gives users a first impression of who they are and what they are doing. The wrong profile description can quickly prevent Instagram users from following them. It is therefore important for the budding influencer to design several variants of the Instagram Bio. It makes sense to ask friends and acquaintances which profile description is convincing.

3. Instagram feed

A uniform feed is a key feature of every Instagram profile. The recognition value for your brand increases. There are several options for a uniform feed. You can focus on a specific color, theme, and style. What you ultimately choose depends on your taste and interests. For example, a rapper shouldn't choose pink to get noticed. This makes it clear that the style of your feed must suit you as a person. The feature you choose must then appear in every post. This enables them to have many followers associate a certain style with them. In doing so, they reinforce their recognition value.

4. Publish content regularly

It is important to stay present on Instagram. This means that new pictures and stories have to be published regularly. This is the only way to attract new followers and convince them of them. The daily publication of new content is recommended. However, quality always beats quantity. Users should therefore make sure that the pictures convince subscribers. If some pictures get less likes, the number of pictures should be limited. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that many users follow them. This does not help them or the interested parties who are enthusiastic about their pictures.

5. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an important tool to keep subscribers up to date. In addition, it is relatively easy to attract new users. There are various options available. Live views, surveys and local markings help to attract more subscribers. Instagram Stories can be used to build a more personal bond with subscribers. They can talk about themselves, their hobbies and many tips and questions from their followers. Therefore, Instagram Stories are an important means of gaining followers.

6. Cooperate with other users

Working with other Instagram users can also make sense. This is how they address people with similar interests who are interested in their content. When choosing the right cooperation partner, it depends on the interaction rate and an overview of the followers. A check on subscribers helps to determine whether influencers have bought or falsified many followers. Sometimes it makes more sense to work with cooperation partners who have fewer followers but a higher interaction rate.

7. Use suitable hashtags

The right hashtags can determine the success and failure of the Instagram strategy. A precise research is necessary so that the picture ends up in the area of ​​the popular articles. This can provide a significant boost. For this reason, hashtag research is certainly useful. You should make sure that you use a mix of much and little used hashtags. By integrating rarely used keywords, it is also possible as a beginner to land among the popular articles.


There are some tips to help users get more followers without paying money. This free process may take enough time and you’ll have to wait for a long time. But don’t worry, there is another alternative way that is paid. You can buy Instagram followers UK to get more followers in less than time. The most important hint, however, is to put a lot of time and energy into building your own community. Then you will constantly gain new followers if you stay true to yourself and your strategy.