7 Ways Massage Can Significantly Benefit you

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7 Ways Massage Can Significantly Benefit you

In the day and age where people are always on the move trying to make a living, it’s easy for one to experience different kinds of pains. And while pain medications can help relieve the symptoms, they can only work for so long. That’s why many people are integrating massage therapy into their lifestyle to leverage its many benefits. As it turns out, massage is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

If you are just getting started with all these, you could be wondering why so many people are recommending massage therapy. In this article, we will highlight seven ways massage can significantly benefit you to help put things into perspective for you. 

It is relaxing

Not very many things can be as relaxing as a massage. It can help you calm your nerves down and focus purposely. Stress and tension can make your body produce unhealthy levels of cortisol that are often associated with digestive issues, insomnia, weight gain, and headaches. According to a study dubbed “the Effect of Massage therapy in Cortisol Level (MTCL),” one of the physiological markers of massage therapy effect is to lower the cortisol levels. Music, healthy working conditions, and rest can also help lower cortisol levels. 

Reduces stress

Stress is not always bad. In fact, stress can help push you towards your goal. However, when the stress is getting in the way of things, then it becomes bad stress. Unfortunately, there are too many stressors today and can leave you feeling all drained. In this case, finding the best body massage spa near me can be a great way to de-stress and unwind. A good and thorough massage can leave you feeling at ease for days or even weeks. 

Promotes muscle relaxation

You probably know this benefit, but we will mention it anyway. Tightness, stress, tension, and pain all affect relaxation. Muscle tension and tightness restrict movement and elevate pain. And when the pain levels go high, so do the stress levels, which leads to further tension and tightness. Massage therapy can help boost relaxation, consequently reducing pain, increasing range of movement, and relieving muscle tightness. 

Improves circulation

Massage therapy improves blood circulation and relieves muscle soreness after exercise. According to researchers from the University of Illinois, Chicago, massage positively changes the body’s physiology. And not just in terms of blood flow, but a vascular response. In their research, they noted that participants who received massage showed improvement n circulation.

Additionally, the circulatory response lasted days, indicating that massage could be protective. As it turns out, improved circulation is just a part of a snowball effect that happens in the body following regular massage therapies. The reason being, proper blood flow brings stiff, damaged, and tense muscles abundant blood supply they require to boost healing. 

Can improve posture

As mentioned earlier, we live in a day and age where people are busy at all times. The everyday toil and moil can easily make one’s neck, back, and muscles hurt. Pain can also arise from poor posture. In fact, chronic back pain, which is the leading cause of disability, often happens due to poor or incorrect posture while sitting or standing. Poor posture, being overweight, and overuse or repetitive movement can put further strain on the back and other problem points. Consequently, the added stress leads to pain, spasms, and tense in the neck, legs, glutes, neck, hips, and back muscles.

Can help lower blood pressure

Routine massage therapy has been shown to lower blood pressure levels. A series of studies have indicated that regular massage therapy can minimize both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Moreover, consistent massage can inhibit the sources of hostility, tension, depression, and anxiety. Thanks to its ability to lower blood pressure, massage can be an excellent remedy for stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure prevention or care.

Improves sleep

The good thing about a massage is that it helps you relax. One of the main reasons you stay up all night is stressing over financial issues, a relationship that isn’t working, work-related stuff, and so on. But consistent massage can help decrease anxiety and depression levels, thus improving the quality of sleep. Additionally, massage has also been shown to reduce pain. If you are losing sleep because of lower back pain, a massage can come in handy in relieving the pain and helping you sleep.


Go ahead and schedule your massage session. Getting a massage after a long day or week at work is not just a great way to wind down – it has also been shown to improve sleep. This does not come as a surprise because baby massage is one of the best ways to get the baby to sleep.